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Ten things I’m loving this Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day may be all about hearts and flowers but as a single lady it’s about more to me. Discover 10 things i’m loving this Valentines day

10 things i'm loving this Valentines day

So whilst I don’t have a partner at the moment I thought I’d still join in the Valentine’s Day fun. This post is all about 10 things I’m loving this Valentine’s Day.

Trying out new makeup

I love buying new makeup and seeing what the beauty world has to offer. Whether it’s the latest mascara or new eyeshadow palette I can’t resist seeing how it will transform my look.

Brannigans ham and pickle crisps

These are my go to crisps and I love how intense the taste is, it’s literally like eating real bacon. I haven’t seen them for ages so I was so excited to find them again in Poundstretcher the other day.

Visiting new attractions

I love tourist attractions and discovering something new. My mum and I love trying out escape rooms so when I heard about Phileas Foggs World of Adventures in Brighton I had to buy tickets to visit. It’s literally like a massive escape room and has had almost exclusively 5 star reviews on Tripadvisor. I can’t wait – if any of you have gone do let me know what you thought.

my cat tara

My cat Tara

Tara is such a temperamental cat, she can be loving one moment and grumpy the next, but I love her and couldn’t be without my little fur baby. Just look at the face, how could you resist.


I blog a lot in my spare time and I love the opportunities it has given me over the last few years. I can discover new products, write about the latest trends and get paid for writing about stuff I love. What could be better!?

My car

As I’m still living at home at the moment it’s hard for me to be truly independent. My car gives me that little bit of freedom to get away from everything and just enjoy being out without my parents hovering.

My phone

My phone often feels like it’s surgically attached to my hand, I’m using it so often. It allows me to make a bit of extra money in my spare time, contact my friends, play games, find out how to get to places and so much more. There’s literally nothing it can’t do so if I ever forget it, or my battery dies I feel a little lost.

Friends and family

Where would I be without friends and family? Life would be very lonely for a start! My friends and family keep me grounded and entertained and I love discovering new places and events with them.

Ten things I’m loving this valentines day making money

Making money

Out of the ten things i’m loving this Valentines, making money would probably come up pretty high. If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll probably know one of my favourite hobbies is making money. Whether it’s taking surveys, doing a mystery shop, writing a sponsored post or doing a focus group I can’t resist seeing those extra pounds drop into my bank account.

Winning competitions

Another of the ten things i’m loving this year is the feeling I get when I win a competition. When I do win the feeling is amazing, especially if it’s something big like a holiday or a big cash prize. I don’t think I will ever give it up, you just never know if your entry will be the one.

So these are the ten things I’m loving most this Valentines – what are yours? Let me know down below.

ten things i'm loving this valentines day