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Seventeen The Cheek of It blusher in First Flush review

Seventeen The Cheek of It blusher in First Flush is a vibrant hot pink shade that comes in a small circular pot.

As there are no brushes included I used my own brush to apply sweeping it in the powder.

I only applied the product once and immediately my cheeks were flushed a very bright pink shade. I did feel that there was probably too much colour and I had to work hard to rub it into my cheek so it didn’t look too intense. A rosey look is nice but looking like you’ve run three miles around the block isn’t really such a good look.

You can buy this blusher for under £5.00 as part of the Seventeen range which is great value for money and perfect if you’re on a budget.

The Seventeen blusher certainly packs quite a punch and you will get a lot of colour out of only a small amount of blush. It’s a little hard to blend which lets it down but as a little goes a long way it will last a long time.

Seventeen The Cheek of It blusher
I’ll give it a 3/5


•Good value for money
•Gives quite a intense flushed look
•A little really does go a long way !


•The resulting look may be a little over the top for some people who prefer their makeup more natural

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