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Transform your nails with Sensationail Strip gel nail kit

sensationail peel off strip gel review

You’re heading for a big night out and your makeup is on fleek. Now it’s time to focus on your nails, a good pair of talons can add that extra little bit of glamour to your outfit. Gel nails are a real favourite with many for their high impact glossy finish and long lasting results. The only problem is when it comes to removing the gel when it starts to chip. Gel nails are notorious for being really difficult to remove and can often leave your natural nails damaged even if you followed the removal instructions to a t. Sensational have released a new product set to transform the nail market. Their new Sensational Strip Gel peel off gel nails kit encompasses the glamour of gel nails with the ease of peel off polish. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s really not and i’ve got all the insight you need to know about the new Sensationail Strip Gel Deluxe kit.

Sensational Strip Gel peel off nails has been designed to make the gel nail experience a little bit easier. Previously the only way to remove gel polish was through acetone – so being able to peel it off when you want to change the colour is a nail lovers dream.

sensationail peeloff strip gel review 1

I was kindly sent Sensationail Strip Gel Deluxe Starter kit which included:

The set claims to last up to two weeks and eliminates the need for any acetone.

I’ve not treated myself to a pampering session for a while so I was excited to get started. Sensationail Strip Gel Deluxe kit is really easy to use and only requires a few simple steps:

I did think the led light seemed to be quite hot and occasionally even seemed to burn my fingers. I’m not really a salon kind of girl so I’ve no idea if this is normal. If this your experience let me know in the comments below!

The colour isn’t streaky and doesn’t clump like some polishes even when I went over a layer that’s not quite dry yet. I did notice however that one of my nails still seemed slightly sticky even after curing the gel polish and applying the top coats. Not quite sure why but it’s not a major issue.

After the first day I noticed my nails were starting to lose their shine slightly. The worst thing was that half of the polish came completely off one nail which really contradicts with Sensationail two week longevity claim.

sensationail peeloff strip gel raspberry gel polish

sensationail peel off strip gel nail polish after 2 days of use

So what’s the verdict?

I’m pleased to say the gel polish was very easy to peel, although it did come mostly off on pieces so there wasn’t really a nice sheet I could pull off. My nails are not damaged after removing although one does appear to have a slightly yellow tint to it. The initial layer acts like glue so it makes it really easy to remove. There was a small amount of residue left over but that was easy enough to scrub off.

I loved the high shine finish I got from Sensationail Strip gel peel off nails but I was quite disappointed at how quickly a piece of the gel nails came off and I can’t really say it lasts two weeks. It does however peel off pretty easily and doesn’t leave nails looking damaged.

I give it 3/5

Buy yours for £59.99 now!



sensationail strip gel peel off gel nail kit polish review