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Santa Dreams nail tutorial

christmas nail tutorials

So with Christmas coming up I want to do something a bit christmassy for you all. You will probably see quite a few of these Christmas nail tutorials coming up as the big day nears!

Santa baby eclipses all the colours of the season; red, green and white and has simple and statement nails. To get started here’s what you need to do:

christmas nail tutorial how to

1. Grab a dark green emerald colour (I used Avon Noir Emerald) and paint your little finger, ring finger and thumb. Two coats of nail varnish should completely coat your nails.
2. Get a sparkly gold and paint small circles on your emerald green nails. I would recommend using a nail tool but as I have seem to lost all of mine I just used the top of a nail art pen.
3. Get a sparkly red (I used Max Factor Deep Coral) and paint your index finger.
4. For your santa face you will need a base. Grab a peachy pink shade (I used 17 in Pink Lemonade) and layer it till your nail is fully covered. Once it’s fully dry grab your red and paint a thick line like you would get on a French Manicure.
5. Get a white nail varnish or nail art pen (I used Barry M white nail art pen) and  paint small white circles for bobbles of the santa hat.
6. On your index finger use a white nail varnish or nail art pen to create stars.
7. Back to the santa face – grab a black nail varnish or nail art pen (I used Barry M nail art pen in black) and draw two small circles for eyes.
8. Grab your white nail art pen and create a white fluffy beard.
9. Next it’s time to add a nose – get your red nail varnish and add a tiny dot in the centre of the santa face.
10. Use the white nail art pen to create two white dots in the centre of santa’s eyes to complete the look.