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NYX Strictly Vinyl liquid eyeliner review

nyx strictly vinyl liquid eyeliner review

If there’s one thing that can make your eyes stand out it’s eyeliner. Whether you use kohl, fat liners or prefer the thinner look there’s so many different looks you can create. Up until now I’ve been using Rimmel Glam Eyes eyeliner and I find the brush is a little flimsy and often it’s easy to make mistakes when applying. So I wanted a liner that’s easy to control but still creates a strong statement look. NYX Strictly Vinyl is a shiny liquid eyeliner that gives a high definition finish. Available in 8 dramatic shades from blue to red you can really create a statement look with the new collection.

nyx strictly vinyl liquid eyeliner dauntless

For my review I’m trialling Dauntless a dark grey shade. It did look black on the website so I was a little surprised to see it was grey when it arrived. The brush on NYX Strictly Vinyl is a lot firmer than the Rimmel eyeliner which I’m very happy about but it’s still soft and flexible. Unlike some liners the formula is not really wet and therefore it can’t be easily smudged. I did have to go over a few areas again as certain parts looked a little faint but overall I really liked the strong eye look I got from NYX Strictly Vinyl eyeliner. Whilst it appears a dark grey colour the eyeliner does dry to a semi black finish. I wouldn’t say the liner was overly shiny but it does have a reflective appearance to it.

nyx strictly vinyl liquid eyeliner dauntless before and after

By the evening most of the eyeliner was still visible, although it had faded slightly on the inner and outer corners of my eyes. I give it 3/5

Buy it now for £6.00

Have you tried NYX Strictly Vinyl? What did you think? Let me know in the comments box below.

nyx strictly vinyl liquid eyeliner after



nyx strictly vinyl liquid eyeliner review