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Rimmel Ultimate kohl Kajal waterproof eyeliner review

Rimmel Ultimate kohl Kajal waterproof eyeliner review

The Egyptians are famed for many things – huge treasures, sphynx cats and of course kohl eyeliner. The intense pigmentation of kohl eyeliner makes it long lasting and gives a strong vibrant finish. Rimmel Kohl Kajal waterproof eyeliner is the latest release to take advantage of the ancient egyptian technology.

Admittedly when I first picked this up I thought it was a traditional thin eyeliner. So when I discovered the thick crayon like applicator I was a little shocked. I’ve tried Kajal eyeliners before and I do love their intensity so whilst I’m used to thinner liners I will recreate my favourite cat eye flick using Rimmel Kohl Kajal eyeliner.

The eyeliner was a lot easier to apply on my right eye as it was easier to pull the liner across then the left. The liner felt slightly dry and was quite light on colour on some parts of the lash line so I had to go over it again. It does create a nice cat eye flick albeit a little thicker than normal. The thickness of the crayon also makes it difficult to get a really precise finish. The finished colour was vibrant and intense. An added benefit of the eyeliner is that it can be wound up from the bottom to produce extra product so it will last for quite a while.

My eyes do water slightly and often I’ll find by midday the end of my liner has, to my frustration, disappeared. Rimmel Kohl Kajal eyeliner is designed to be waterproof to avoid this makeup mishap. Unfortunately by the end of the day the edge of my liner had disappeared just like it does when I wear my typical eyeliner. The rest of the liner had faded but was still visible.

rimmel ultimate kohl kajal eyeliner before and after

Despite being a little tougher to apply then a typical liquid liner I was pretty happy with the finished result. Unfortunately it didn’t appear to be waterproof and this let it down considerably considering this was one of the main selling points. It also fades slightly. If your eyes don’t water that much you may not have too many issues.

I give it 3/5

Grab it for £4.75 now (promo offer normally £5.99)

rimmel ultimate kohl kajal waterproof eyeliner after



rimmel eyeliner ultimate kohl kajal eyeliner review