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Rimmel Stay Matte liquid lipstick in Heartbeat review

rimmel stay matte liquid lipstick in heartbeat review

What the brand says

Available in 15 shades, the Matte liquid lipstick are the latest matte lipsticks to join Rimmel’s beauty fleet. Available colours include Latte to Go (Nude), Be My Baby (Nude), Moca (Nude), Coral Sass (Coral), Pink Blink (Pink), Pink Bliss (Pink), Blush (Pink), Rose and Shine (Pink/red), Heartbeat (Pink), Firestarter (Red), Plum This Show (Deep Red), Midnight (Deep red), Blue Iris (Blue), Shadow (Grey) and Pitch Black (Black). The formula has been designed to last up to 12 hours and claims to be kiss proof, waterproof and touch proof.

The Lowdown

Lately I’ve been buying more and more matte liquid lipsticks. I love the longevity of a matte finish and how it doesn’t disappear in five minutes after having a sip of a drink.

rimmel stay matte liquid lipstick in heartbeat review 1

After seeing a recent promotion I really wanted to put Rimmel’s bold claims to the test. For my review I tested Heartbeat, a vibrant pink shade. It has a long wand applicator so it’s really easy to apply and get a smooth outline of my lips. The formula has a thick mousse like consistency that I was worried might be too heavy for my lips. When applied however the thickness of the formula just made it easier to apply and I wasn’t left with layers of thin coverage like I get with some liquid lipsticks. The tubes are clear so you can see the exact tone of the lipstick and how much you have left.

rimmel stay matte liquid lipstick in heartbeat swatch

The lipstick gave me full coverage and the shade wasn’t too light or too dark so it went with most makeup and outfits. The colour is really pigmented and I love the intensity of the lipstick. A little while after applying the lipstick did start to feel a bit drying and I had to lick my lips quite a lot to eliminate the uncomfortable feeling. As you can see in the before and after photos the lipstick was really good at giving the appearance of bigger lips.

After a few hours the lipstick was only partly visible – the rim around the top and bottom lips remained but the rest of the lipstick had disappeared. From a distance you wouldn’t really notice, and as Heartbeat is a similar colour to the natural tone of lips it doesn’t look as bad as it would with a darker shade. However if you were wearing Pitch Black or Shadow for example, this would be quite noticeable and you would have to touch it up throughout the day.

So does Rimmel’s Matte liquid lip colour live up to its claim?

Overall Heartbeat is a pretty highly pigmented colour, and I like how easy it is to apply. Unfortunately it did feel slightly drying and when it starts to fade it leaves a tide mark that would be quite noticeable on darker shades. Technically some of the lipstick lasted 12 hours, but not all of it so I can’t say they really passed on that claim.  Once it had dried the lipstick didn’t really transfer even when kissing or touching, but if it gets wet it does transfer onto the glass/item.

I give it 3/5. Grab it for £5.99

rimmel stay matte before and after liquid lipstick in heartbeat



rimmel stay matte liquid lipstick heartbeat review