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Lip Ink is a long lasting lipstick that doesn’t budge

Like most women I love a bit of lipstick, especially a flashy red number. The only negative thing I find is that lipstick NEVER stays, ten minutes after applying it starts to disappear especially if you’re drinking a cheeky beverage. Lip Ink is a range of semi-permanent lip colours that actually remain on your lips, not your glass, for the duration. The product is patented as the only completely natural semi-permanent lip colour. It aims to:

The range has a palette of 50 colours to choose from and there’s the option to send off for a test sample so you can find your perfect colour.

I tested Lip Ink Pink Lemonade, a colour that looked pretty dark in the bottle. The product has to be applied in a three way process to get the ultimate effect. Initially you have to purify your lips with the off solutions to cleanse and exfoliate, blend the colour tube by patting it against your palm to mix the pigment, removing all excess liquid and applying in one direction along your lips. After leaving it to dry for ten seconds I repeated the process and added several more layers to get a fully dimensional colour. You do get a slightly tingly feeling when applying the Lip ink but that’s completely normal and stops after a few seconds. Finally I applied the shine moisturiser and in no time at all I had a perfect pout to show the world.

I thought this product would be so much more difficult to use then it was, the instructions were detailed but simple and the process was so easy to follow. The end result is a colour that is smooth and despite drinking loads the colour has remained just as it was when I applied it.

I think we might have a lipstick revolution here ladies.

To buy this wonderful product goto Lip Ink and browse the products available or email [email protected] if you want something more specific. They also do permanent eyeliner, lip plumper and volumiser and brow liners.

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