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Ps.. Bronze Baked Shimmer review

primark ps... bronze baked shimmer review

Ps.. Bronze Baked shimmer is a trio of bronzers and a highlighter. The highlighter is a off white whilst the bronzers have two gradient brown shades. When I swatched the Ps… Bronze I was in two minds about it. The highlighter seemed quite dull and powdery but the bronzers were  pigmented with a subtle shimmer.

primark ps... bronze baked shimmer swatches

The moment I applied the highlighter to my face my initial doubts about the PS…Bronze disappeared. The highlighter appears super pigmented on my face and left a gorgeous shimmer along the top of my cheekbones. There was no need to build up the product and pretty much no blending was required. As the bronzers were quite shimmery I wasn’t really sure of what sort of result I’d get using it as a bronze and whether I’d end up looking like a glitter ball. Fortunately the shimmer wasn’t overly visible and it added a bit of warmth to my look. The bronze effect is quite subtle and it did take a little while to get a sculpted look.

primark ps... bronze baked shimmer close up

The effects of the highlighter lasted for hours and it’s only in the evening that the highlighter faded away into a slight glitter effect. The bronzers also lasted well into the evening but as mentioned earlier they were not as visible as the highlighter.

For £2.50 this is a handy little product that packs a good punch. I love the intensity of the highlight and the warm sculpted look I got from the bronzer.

Available in all good Primark stores.

I give it 4/5