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NYX #Nofilter Finishing Powder review

nyx #nofilter finishing powder review

What does NYX #Nofilter claim to do?

With instagram came filters and the ability to make our photos look amazing. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need that filter to make your skin look on point?

NYX #Nofilter Finishing Powder has been designed to eliminate the need for filters on apps like Instagram. It has been formulated to give a flawless and soft finish to make your skin look fab. It’s currently available in 14 shades so there should be a shade to suit most skintones.

The Lowdown

As a lover of a good selfie, the idea of a powder that gives skin a #nofilter effect sounded fantastic. I generally have good skin but whilst everything may look fine straight after doing my makeup, I find that after a few hours everything seems to slip south.


nyx #nofilter finishing powder swatch

The powder feels satin soft to the touch and is really gentle on the skin. It has a slight beige tint to it but this blends fairly well into the skin when applied. I chose Ivory and was surprised by how good a colour match it was for my skin. There is a very slight shimmer in the powder which gives my skin an extra glow. I would say the overall effect is very subtle but it does give more of a airbrushed finish then I’d get wearing just foundation.

By the evening I found the majority of my makeup was still intact. I did find it clumped a bit when mixed with cream makeup i.e. cream blusher but seems to be fine with powder products. It does help in regards to controlling oily skin and
I feel my t-zone is a lot dryer then when using other products.

nyx #nofilter finishing powder before and after

I do like the powder as it does warm up my skin and feels really soft to apply. It does give a soft airbrushed finish and is fairly good at keeping most of my makeup intact. Bear in mind in the photos one is in natural light and the other is in artificial light.

I give it 4/5

how long does nyx #nofilter finishing powder last

Get it for £11 at Boots 



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