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Nip Fab Dark Circle Fix review

It’s a problem that strikes many of us through fatigue and late nights or for those lucky ones (or unlucky) due to family inheritance. The dreaded dark circles curse many, but how do we get rid of them?

There are many creams, lotions and potions on the market which are targeted at dark circles but do they really work?

Nip and Fab Dark Circle cream is a triple action formula that aims to reduce the appearance of puffiness and helps reduce premature ageing.

Included are significant ingredients such as:

The product comes in quite a small bottle with a easy to use push squirt nozzle. There is detailed information on the back and the product itself is almost gel like with small white bits inside.

Now I bought this product because of a review I read on another blog so I was expecting something good to happen. Despite using this product for over a month religiously applying every night I saw no change in the appearance of my dark circles.

I’ve always had quite sensitive skin but puffiness was never a problem so I was really hoping that it would have a major effect on how dark the skin under my eyes appears. I’m sad to see that it didn’t live up to my expectations and that I’ll have to apply concealer for another Christmas!

I’ll give it a 0/5!

If you want to try it you can buy it for £15.95

Nip Fab dark circle fix