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My VIP Luxe London Fashion Weekend Experience

my vip london fashion weekend experience

So last week I found out I had won tickets – as a VIP- to London Fashion Weekend. I hadn’t been to London Fashion Weekend since 2010 so as I had won them I thought it’d be rude not to.

london fashion weekend luxe tickets

My tickets were for Friday 23rd September between 3-9pm. The organisers had incorporated time slots in now to avoid queues in the venue which if you’ve been to the Saatchi Gallery you’ll know isn’t huge.

I did feel quite privileged and I was expecting quite a lot considering the tickets were worth around £125.

The Luxe tickets included:

When I got there I headed for the lounge and ended up queuing for about 15 minutes. I was really thinking this is a ridiculous amount of people queuing to get in the lounge, how many tickets did they sell. However I soon realised I was standing in the queue for a show *whoops*. The lounge was pretty nice with lots of comfortable chairs and sofas to relax on. There was also complimentary orange juice and as much champagne (probably fizzy wine) as you can stomach.


The goody bag I have to say was a massive disappointment with every item barely worth over £1. If I had paid for the ticket I would have been more then a little peeved. Whilst it’s obviously not all about the free gifts, people do expect a nice little something from events like these especially if they’ve paid through the roof for the privilege.

Everyone was escorted down to the fashion show through a exclusive entrance which was pretty cool and I really enjoyed sitting in the frow. The show was my first ever catwalk event and I did quite enjoy it. There were three trends including lace, velvet and florals. I did think all the models were the same initially but when they all came out together at the end I realised they weren’t.


winter florals

a velvet affair london fashion weekend

I had a brief look around the different brands on sale but didn’t really buy anything as the items weren’t the cheapest. I tend to stick to high street as I don’t see why you should pay more for a designer t-shirt that’s identical to the high street version. Maybelline were giving free makeovers if you bought two items and Toni & Guy were giving a free hair change up which was pretty good.

london fashion weekend toni & guy

Being a VIP at London Fashion Weekend was interesting and I loved the fashion show, but I have to say the shopping experience in my opinion has gone downhill. In comparison to 2010 where prices went from low to high, everything at 2016 event was very high end. I’ll probably give next year’s a miss.

Do let me know what you think of London Fashion Weekend!