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Maybelline Snapscara makes applying mascara as easy as 123

Fed up of mascaras that take a age to remove? It’s time to check out Maybelline Snapscara, the new mascara revolution that makes taking off mascara as enjoyable as putting it on.

Maybelline Snapscara makes applying mascara as easy as 123

Maybelline Snapscara is a new wax free mascara that aims to make applying and removing it as easy as 123. It’s designed to give volumised, well defined lashes that are clump free. Today I’m going to put Maybelline Snapscara to the test.

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a Maybelline mascara. I’ve heard a lot about Maybelline Snapscara and as my current Too Faced mascara is starting to dry out it’s time for something new. The formula has a good consistency – not too wet – not too dry and I don’t end up with too much excess product on my lashes. The slight curvature of the brush is perfect for the shape of my left eye and makes applying pretty easy. It did however make applying a little awkward on my right eye as I’m left handed and the shape made it hard to reach my lashes. I wouldn’t say the mascara adds a huge amount of volume, but my lashes were more noticeable after applying several layers. I also noticed that whilst the outer lashes appeared fairly defined, the inner lashes did not stand out as much. After applying my lashes were left looking slightly clumpy and I did have to seperate them with a lash comb. I also found my lashes seemed curlier and I didn’t even need to fiddle around with a eyelash curler.

Maybelline Snapscara makes applying mascara as easy as 123 1

Maybelline Snapscara is really long lasting and my lashes were still looking bouncy and curly well into the evening. Whilst it promises no mess I did find small flakes appear around my eyes during the course of the day. I wouldn’t say it was anything major but it does look a little messy. It is really comfortable to wear and doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. I use makeup wipes to remove my makeup and I found the mascara was gone after soaking my lashes one or two times. With traditional mascara it normally takes a lot longer to remove due to the different ingredients.

Maybelline Snapscara makes applying mascara as easy as 123 before and after

I give it 4/5

Buy it for £7.99



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