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My travel bucket list

My travel bucket list

Bucket lists are a great way of challenging yourself to try something you might not do otherwise. Get your sunglasses on and grab your suitcase as I’ll tell you all about the must see destinations on my travel bucket list.

There’s some places in the world that I have always vowed to see in my time on earth. Whilst I may have only read reviews or seen other people’s pictures it paints a vivid image in my mind. Find out 5 destinations I would love to visit and why they are top of my travel bucket list.

My travel bucket list new york

New York

The big Apple, the city that everyone talks (or sings) about and never forgets. A city that’s so busy and full of lights, fun and action. I’d love to go shopping checking out Tiffany’s, Macy’s and of course Sephora. Not forgetting a trip to Broadway to see a show and witnessing the view from Empire State Building. This is one destination on my travel bucket list I hope to visit soon.

My travel bucket list new york las vegas

Las Vegas

One of the major appeals of Las Vegas is the casinos. I love a little flutter now and again and to play in the real sin city would really be a real thrill. You never know I might even hit it big!

My travel bucket list disneyworld florida

Disney World Florida

I’ve been to Disneyland Paris but nothing can beat the attraction of Disney World Florida where there’s so much to do and explore. There are so many theme parks and rides to discover at Disney World and it’s the perfect place to release your inner child. It may be expensive but I hope one day to visit every park at Disney World Florida and have the adventure of a lifetime!

My travel bucket list hawaii


What could be better than sunshine, sun kissed beaches and a warm aloha welcome. Whilst the main attraction is definitely the beaches, Hawaii has a lot more to give. I’d love to try out the sunrise lava tour, a breathtaking doors off helicopter tour or even mountain tubing through canals and tunnels. This would be one trip on my travel bucket list that would definitely be one to remember.

My travel bucket list italy


I won’t lie I’d love to visit Italy for the delicious authentic pasta and ice cream. I’d also love to float serenely in a gondola in Venice and check out the Trevi fountain and Colosseum in Rome. Definitely one for the photo album!

Where would you most like to visit on your travel bucket list? Leave your comments down below!

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5 bucket list destinations