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My top 6 favourite mobile apps

my top 6 favourite mobile apps

colonels club appMy Iphone is a big part of my life and its paramount for helping me stave off boredom when i’m on breaks at work. I have a wide selection of apps from social media to money making but here’s 6 of my favourite apps.

KFC Colonel’s Club
If you love chicken then this is the perfect app for you. The idea is that you sign up the club and for every 3 chicken tokens you get you can get a treat. You can get tokens simply by submitting your receipts to the app. I love being rewarded for eating or doing things I enjoy so this app is fabulous.

snapchat app
I love snapchat simply for its novelty value. I got it a while ago but never really used it until I discovered the stickers you can use to transform your photo. I don’t know about you but turning yourself into a dog, wizard or Mona Lisa never gets old. You can also use the app to share photos with friends and followers. The photos often have a really short shelf life of about a minute so it’s good at giving quick sneak peeks into what you’re up to.
earn money submitting your receipts
Receipt Hog
When you go shopping what do you end up doing with your receipts?  I imagine they probably get screwed into your pocket or put in a box somewhere. Receipt Hog allows you to upload your receipts and earn points for them. Over time you’ll accumulate points which you can put towards high street vouchers. You can submit receipts for stores like Boots and Primark in addition to big stores like Asda and Sainsbury’s. Occasionally you’ll also be rewarded free goes on the slot machine which will earn you more points.

save money when phoning premium line numbers
When I have to phone premium rate numbers from my mobile I dread seeing my phone bill when it arrives. WeQ4u is a fantastic app that takes the pain and expense out of phoning premium rate numbers. Once you’re put into a queue you simply dial *9 and WeQ4U will do the queuing for you. You simply leave the app open and it will queue in the background but the call won’t be live at any point. Once you reach the front of the queue the call will reconnect and voila you’ve saved yourself lots of money and time. I’ve already saved £18.50 in the few times I’ve used the app.

boots advantage card app
For the Boots app you will need to have a Advantage card but it’s completely free to sign up. Essentially the app is a extension of the card and gives you the latest offers exclusive to you, best offers at Boots and news and events. As a member of the Advantage Card you get a number of vouchers through the door every three months but the app gives you extra offers you wouldn’t get otherwise. For example you can get extra 300 points when you spent £30 and so on. You simply click the offer and it loads itself to your card and is activated once you’re in store. It’s so easy to use and you can earn yourself so many extra points.

get free photos with freeprints app
If you’re anything like me I bet your Iphone (or android phone) is full to the brim with photos. Often a lot of us don’t get around to printing our photos and that’s a shame. FreePrints is a amazing app that lets you print 45 photos a month COMPLETELY free! There’s no catch whatsoever you simply pay for postage. When I discovered this I was sceptical and thought there’d be a catch but there really isn’t. Perfect for printing those special photos you capture each month.

I love all these apps for different reasons and they all add a little something to my life. Have you tried any of these apps? What do you think of them?