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My top 5 favourite Christmas movies

my top 5 favourite christmas movies

Nothing gets you into the festive mood more than a couple of feel good christmas movies. Here’s 5 of my favourites

No matter how old you get it’s always fun to snuggle down with a bowl of popcorn in front of a Christmas movie. Even if you’re a total grinch you can’t help but get in the mood with all the snow, Christmas music and feel good family settings. Here’s 5 of my favourite Christmas movies.

my top 5 favourite christmas movies home alone

Home Alone

I only watched this for the first time a few years ago – I’ve missed out on a classic for so long. I love how clever Kevin is especially when he plays the movie Angels With Filthy Souls in just the right parts to confuse the bad guys. The booby traps he comes up with near the end are hilarious!

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my top 5 christmas movies elf


There’s not many Christmas movies that can beat the childlike innocence of Elf. After Buddy ends up being transported to the North Pole in Santa’s sack he grows up amongst the elves. Buddy knows he doesn’t really fit in there and heads to New York to find his real father. The film really makes you believe in the strength of the Christmas spirit and what you can achieve if you believe. A great mix of humour with a few teary moments. If you haven’t seen it make sure you watch it when they’ll undoubtedly show it this Christmas!

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my top 5 christmas movies a christmas carol

A Christmas Carol

Based on the famous Charles Dickens novel, a Christmas Carol tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge a bitter middle aged man who hates everything Christmas represents. That is till the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future come to visit. I’ve seen so many different versions of this from the original (which is a classic and must see) to the Ross Kemp version (surprisingly good!). No matter how many times I see it the story can still pack a punch.

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my top 5 christmas movies polar express

The Polar Express

Based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg, The Polar Express is a tale of a little boy who’s lost his faith in Santa. As he tries to sleep on Christmas Eve a mysterious train arrives: its destination the North Pole. Whilst initially reluctant he leaves on the train and goes on a magical adventure with two other children who end up on the train. Once he starts to believe the boy sees the true spirit of Christmas and knows Santa does exist. A great film for those who want to see one of the best really original Christmas movies.

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my top 5 christmas movies jingle all the way

Jingle All The Way

The Arnold Schwarzenegger classic tale of a father who gets faced with every parent’s worst nightmare – the sold out Christmas toy. Cue a story of fun and frolics as he does everything he can to get his hands on the must have Turbo Man action figure.

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What are your favourite Christmas movies? Let me know in the comments box below!

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the top 5 christmas movies