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My favourite TV programmes

my favourite tv programmes

There’s so many television shows I’m totally loving at the moment, so much so it’s heart wrenching when they end. Here’s a few shows I’m addicted to at the moment.

Peaky Blinders
I heard a lot of talk about this show at work but thought it was the show Penny Dreadful with Josh Hartnett in so I wasn’t too interested. A few weeks ago I found it on Netflix and didn’t look back. Set in 1920’s Birmingham you follow the Shelby family, a group of gangsters known as the ‘Peaky Blinders’. The family are violent, out for money and getting to the top. Ultimately what wins you over is that they’re extremely family focused and you certainly found yourself warming to the characters. The acting is impeccable and the accents are so perfect, especially Tommy’s Shelby, which is surprising considering the man playing him is Irish. Each series is dressed perfectly for the setting and whilst each series has the same premise of Tommy and family trying to beat a different enemy it’s still really addictive. I also find Cillian Murphy strangely attractive in the show, although in real life I wouldn’t look twice! The BBC have just commissioned a further two series too which is fantastic.

Bates Motel
Another Netflix original. Set as a prequel to the film Hitchcock you follow Norman Bates as him and his mother open up their motel on the hill. It’s a little slow at first but the story soon unravels and you get a deep insight into Norman’s perverted psyche. Norman really does believe his mother is watching his every move and he loves her so much it has disastrous consequences for many around him. Totally gripping and disturbing at the same time. There is also some fabulous eye candy with Norman’s brother Dylan.

Pretty Little Liars
June brings the seventh and final season of Pretty Little Liars and I can’t wait. If you’re not aware of it Pretty Little Liars is about 4 friends who believe their friend is murdered in the first series. As the series develops they start to get disturbing messages from a person called A who is after them. Over time they begin to think A is the person who killed their friend and wants to kill them too. A is a enemy that appears throughout the serieses in different forms and you get a number of baddie reveals, some of which are surprising. I do think the storyline is being dragged out a little, but each trick and message A sends is so disturbing and perverse you can’t help but watch to find out who is ‘A’. The final A better be good!

When I first saw this I thought it had something to do with the 1996 film by Wes Craven. Whilst Scream does have Ghostface heavily featured, it’s actually a series following a number of teens who of course get slashed and killed over the course of episodes. I’m not the biggest fan of slash and dash movies/programs but this series is a little different. It has quite a bit of suspense and is quite clever about masking who the killer is until the end. It also drops a few hints about one of the characters who is more involved then you may have believed. Series 2 has started on Netflix now and I’m interested to see how it plays out.

What’s your favourite TV program at the moment? Do you like any of my favourites? I’d love to hear your thoughts.