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Makeup mistakes that can age you

The makeup mistakes that you probably do without even realising can make you look a lot older than you are. Discover what mistakes you’re making and how to fix them

makeup habits we all do that age us

Makeup is great to enhance your natural features and make you look like the best version of yourself. However, some makeup habits can create the opposite effect. While your makeup can and should vary for occasion, time of day and outfit, it should never make you look older. Here are some makeup mistakes that could be aging your face, rather than giving you that fresh faced glow.

Skipping the primer

While primer may seem like an optional step in your makeup routine, there are actually a lot of benefits to using it. Primer prepares the face for makeup application, allowing foundation and concealers to be blended evenly and smoothly, and help blur pores and imperfections, giving your makeup a polished finish. It also helps to keep your makeup in place for longer, so you can tackle those long workdays with confidence.

Highlighting or contouring makeup mistakes

Highlighting and contouring are counterbalancing processes. Contouring uses shading or shadowing to create the illusion of a recession. Highlighting does the opposite by making an area more pronounced. When done properly and in sync with each other, highlighting and contouring can create a beautifully balanced and sophisticated look. However, without the proper technique, you can age your face instead. Here are some tips for avoiding makeup mistakes and getting it right:

When highlighting, focus on these areas:

  1. The tip or bridge of your nose
  2. Above your cupid’s bow
  3. Beneath the arch of your eyebrows
  4. Your cheekbones
  5. The centre of your chin

When contouring, focus on these areas:

  1. The sides of your chin
  2. The sides of the bridge of your nose
  3. Your temples
  4. Straight across the hairline (if you have a larger forehead)
  5. Just above the lower edge of your cheekbones

Overly-thin eyebrows

Over plucked eyebrows are usually a dead giveaway of age. If your eyebrows are naturally very thin, consider a high-quality eyebrow pencil to fill them in for a fuller, but soft and natural look. Try using a colour just a shade lighter than your natural brow colour to help brighten your face.

Dark lip liner – makeup mistakes you don’t want to make as you get older

As you age, your lips may naturally start to look thinner. And, while we love dark-coloured clothes for their slimming effect, fuller lips often give off a more youthful appearance. Applying heavy and dark lip liner will simply amplify the natural aging effects, making your lips look thinner and older.

makeup habits that can age you

Too much of anything

Whether its foundation, blush, eyeliner, dark lipstick, or concealer, too much of any makeup product can make you look overdone and cakey, aging your face as the product settles into fine lines and wrinkles. When selecting products, be sure to get matched to the right colours, select formulations that suit your skin type, and use all products with discretion. Heavy, full-coverage foundation, for example, can sometimes give you a painted-on appearance, while dark matte lipstick will emphasise chapped lips and may even dry them out further.

As women age, they sometimes think they need to use more blush or brighter eye shadow to achieve that youthful glow. In fact, heavy-handed makeup application is usually one of the biggest giveaways for a woman’s age. Instead, use high-quality brushes for a smooth and even makeup application, go for tones that offer subtle enhancements to your natural colours, and keep use a light hand for soft and pretty looks.

Only lining your lower eyelid

While this technique may have been perfect for making the 15-year-old you look a bit more mature, you should probably retire this habit as you get older. Heavy eyeliner on the bottom lid can make your eyes look smaller, droopy and tired, aging your entire face.

don't forget skin health

Don’t forget your skin health

Killer makeup is not a substitute for good skin care. It’s essential to keep your skin in its best possible condition so your makeup can look its best. Some of the basics for maintaining healthy skin are:

  1. Drink Water – Don’t neglect the daily recommended water intake for your weight and activity level. Hydrated cells stay plump, fresh and ready to face the world.
  2. Use good cleansers and moisturisers – Everyone’s skin is different so finding the right cleansers and moisturisers may take some trial-and-error. With a wealth of online content available, you can read product reviews and ingredient lists before making any decisions.
  3. Stay active – A consistent workout regime will keep your body and skin looking and feeling their best. Plus, who doesn’t love that post-workout glow?
  4. Eat well – Great looking skin starts from within. A diet rich in lean protein, fruit, and vegetables is good for your whole body.
  5. Never use expired cosmetics – This can expose your skin to mould and bacteria, so check your products regularly and throw out old and expired items.
learn what makeup products suit you

Learning what products and techniques work for you can only be done through practice and experience, so don’t forget to have fun experimenting and figuring out what you like. What are some of your tried and true tips and tricks to avoid makeup mistakes? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by Tess DiNapoli