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How to get the right lighting for applying makeup

Discover the perfect lighting to apply your makeup in – no matter what season it is

How to get the right lighting for applying makeup

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We all know how fabulous (and not-so-fabulous) we can look in different lighting. After all, is there anything worse than finding yourself in bright lights when your face has adopted a greasy sheen?

Lighting plays a critical role in your makeup. For example, if it’s too dark, you’ll probably overdo your foundation. Then, after leaving the house feeling on-point, you’ll notice your face in a reflection, seeing those patches of concealer under your eyes and too much blush on your cheeks.

So how do you make sure you’ve got the perfect lighting for applying your make-up?

Use as much natural daylight as possible

There’s no denying that natural daylight is ideal for applying makeup as it reflects your face true colours. Natural light is often evenly diffused and clear so you can easily see where you need to blend something in.

When you’re getting ready during the day and have ample light flooding in through your bedroom window – this is where you should be applying your makeup. With this, your skin will look flawless.

Opt for daylight bulbs

Where natural daylight is fading or you’re getting ready at night, daylight bulbs are the best way to recreate this natural light. These lights are designed to get rid of any yellow light so the colours are much clearer. You can often dim them too so you can adjust the lighting to suit – and it allows you to see what your make-up looks like in different lighting.

Install a couple of these bulbs in your bedroom and bathroom or around your mirror so you never walk out of the door with overly-smoky eyes, heavy bronzer or unblended foundation.

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Get the right lighting position

Where these lights are positioned is another important factor. You need to ensure the light falls evenly on your face so there aren’t any shadows. You could position a number of lights around your makeup station to get good overall lighting or use an adjustable lamp to achieve the perfect position.

Check out places like Cox & Cox for cool designs that’ll fit in with your existing décor.

What to avoid

Finally, here’s what you absolutely must avoid when creating your make-up lighting – rose, yellow or fluorescent lights. Rose and yellow lights have the tendency to flatter your features but they’re not great when you’re trying to blend products or choose which colours you want to use. Equally, fluorescent lights often enhance any flaws and wash out your complexion.

As you can see, lighting plays an integral role in the overall look of your makeup. By following these tips and avoiding dimly-lit rooms or ones with garish lighting, you’ll soon avoid those midday panics when you see your make-up in a different light.

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