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How to make money using Jobspotter

Get rewarded with Amazon vouchers simply by sourcing job advertisements in your local area with Jobspotter

How to make money using Jobspotter

Ever wondered how job search giant Indeed sources jobs in remote areas? Whilst a lot of jobs are submitted via their website, many jobs in smaller towns or cities are found through local people. Jobspotter is a unique one of a kind app that rewards you for finding jobs in small workplaces like corner shops or local restaurants. Jobspotter helps keep your local community profitable and you get Amazon vouchers simply for snapping a few pictures.

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So how does Jobspotter work?

The aim of Jobspotter is to help local businesses remain afloat. Every time you see a advert in a window, take a photo on your phone and submit it through the app. The smaller the shop, the higher the points and you can earn up to 150 points per submission. Jobspotter are not a fan of bigger chains and submitting jobs for them will not get you very many points at all. For example, I took a photo of a job in Select and earned 1 point.

how to make money with job spotter verify jobs

Whilst submitting jobs is the main point of the app, it’s not the only way to earn rewards through it. The app also allows you to verify all of the images that people submit. In the verification process you’ll need to confirm whether the picture shows a clear hiring sign and shop name. If it does you simply say yes or no if it’s not clear. Be aware, you are rated on a five star scale in accordance with what other people have submitted.

how to make money with job spotter rewards

Once you reach 100% on each verification cycle you get your reward. You get 10 points for each cycle you complete, so far I’ve got 80 points and I’ve earned £0.61 in Amazon vouchers. I’m not very active on the app so just think how much you could earn if you spend at least a hour a day on it!

A great little app to earn Amazon vouchers and help local businesses at the same time.

Download for free now on the App or Play store and start getting rewarded today. Don’t forget to pin the post so your friends and family can start earning using Jobspotter too!

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how to make money using jobspotter