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Lottie London Mermaid Glow highlighter

lottie london mermaid glow highlighter

What the brand says
Sometimes it’s good to be bold and embrace the colour of life. Lottie London’s new Mermaid Glow highlighter is perfect to help you embrace your fun side with the palette of bright vibrant shades.

The Lowdown
So I’ve been dying to try the new rainbow highlighters and really wanted to get my hands on the Makeup Revolution unicorn highlighter. I was gutted to find out it’d sold out and tried the Lottie Mermaid Glow highlighter instead. So did it compare?

lottie london mermaid glow highlighter shades

The Mermaid Glow highlighter comes in a trio of shades – light pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and dark pink. I swatched each shade to see what highlight effect the palette could achieve- lets say I wasn’t too impressed.The light pink was really faint whilst the orange looked more yellow and quite stark against my skin. The yellow and green were a little nicer with a slight iridescent shimmer. The dark blue looked more like a eyeshadow whilst the  dark pink had the appearance of a faint glitter. I swirled the shades together to see the overall effect and unveiled a subtle shimmer with a slight green tinge.

lottie london mermaid glow highlighter swatch

The highlight is super soft and it’s quite easy to blend the shades together. When I applied the highlighter to my skin I was pleasantly surprised by the effect. The colouring of the highlighter doesn’t really show up (which I think is a good thing in this instance!) but it does leave a gorgeous intense icy shimmer. The highlight literally lasted all day and didn’t seem to lose any intensity in its overall effect.

In terms of the impact of the individual shades and as a whole, on the initial swatch they don’t appear to be that flattering. I think the highlighter really comes into its own when it’s actually applied and works amazingly well in giving a gorgeous sheer highlight. I guess that’s what we’re all after when we buy a highlighter after all.

I give it 5/5 for highlight!

Get it for £5.95 at Superdrug