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Lacoste Pour Elle Sparkling perfume review

What the brand says
Inspired by the freedom and movement of the pleated skirt, Pour Elle Sparkling, is one of a trio of fragrances designed to allow you to be yourself.

In the same way a woman can dress up or dress down a pleated skirt, the fragrance can bring out the unique femininity and moods of the woman wearing it.

The scent blends flowers with sophisticated woody scents and has a playful heart of French macaroon contrasted against a patchouli base.

The Lowdown
When I first got a sample of the perfume I couldn’t believe how amazing it smelt. The smell was fresh and intoxicating but not at all overpowering.

The scent is quite strong initially but does fade away quite quickly. After a few hours I can’t really smell it anymore but the scent still lingers where I applied it.

The fragrance is quite an unambiguous one so can be  worn with anything at anytime. Whilst you may want to wear a stronger fragrance in the evening, this is perfect for a casual evening out, especially with Spring quickly approaching.

I give it 4/5

Get it for £40 at House of Fraser