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Kiss launch Look so Natural eyelashes with Tapered End Technology which make false lashes feel more natural

When people think of false lashes they always think about how false they look.

So what would you do if you could try false lashes that look perfectly natural?

Kiss new Looks so Natural eyelash range is designed to subtly boost your natural beauty with lashes that have a innovative Tapered End Lash Technology. Designed to create a natural look the eyelashes are perfect for the girl who doesn’t want to look like she’s made too much effort.

The new Tapered Lash technology means the lashes are a lot more lightweight then traditional Falsies and combine effortlessly with your own lashes to avoid that ‘stuck on’ look.

Whatever look you want to go for whether it’s for shopping with the girls or a night on the town Kiss Look So Natural eyelashes has a eyelash for every occasion. With six variations you could try a different look several times a day if you really wanted to, and you’ll do ti the natural way. The lashes are easily trimmed and can be molded to different eye shapes with ease.

Each set of lashes comes with a glue which is handy for when you’re on the go. I found the majority of the lashes to be quite comfortable and light however I felt Flirty was quite sticky and uncomfortable. The effect of the lashes is really quite slight (enlarge to see the pictures close up) and I don’t think they were as obvious as some falsies you can buy.

Kiss have come up with a great selection of low key false lashes that would be perfect for the girl who wants her natural beauty to shine.

Available for only £4.49 exclusively at Boots



*this was sent for me to test