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Bring fun back to bathtime with I Heart Revolution donut bath fizzer collection

Is your bathtime a little dull? Add some colour and sparkles with the new I Heart Revolution bath fizzer collection

Bring fun back to bathtime with I Heart Revolution donut bath fizzer collection

For years Lush has been the queen of bathtime fun, with their bath bombs and soap bars being the centre of every pamper night. That is until now with Revolution turning heads with their new Donut bath fizzer collection. The new sweet treat collection is bright, colourful and looks good enough to eat. There are 6 scents available in the donut bath fizzer collection; Blueberry Crush, Blackcurrant Frosted, Strawberry Sprinkles, Banana Glaze, Chocolate Dipped and Raspberry Icing. After discovering these in Superdrug I had to give them a try. I picked up Strawberry Sprinkles, Blueberry Crush and Banana Glaze as these stood out the most. Discover what they look like as they fizz away, how they smell and my overall thoughts in my latest video.

If you can’t wait to watch the video here’s a sneak peek into what I thought of the donut bath fizzer collection.

i heart revolution strawberry sprinkles bath fizzer

Strawberry Sprinkles bath fizzer

Whilst it has a really pretty, eye catching design, the strawberry scent smells a little artificial. It fizzes away fairly quickly and dived straight under the water so it was harder to see what was going on. There was very little colour change to the water; I did think it would go a rosy pink shade. The bathroom smelt really nice after using the strawberry bath fizzer, and the formula really helped to leave my skin soft and smooth. I did notice quite a few crumbs of the fizzer left at the bottom of the bath though which was a little annoying.

Buy it for £3.00

i heart revolution blueberry crush donut bath bomb

Blueberry Crush donut bath fizzer

Blueberry Crush certainly smells a lot more real than Strawberry Sprinkles. When I put it into the water I did notice it became infused with a slight dash of blue. It’s not as bright as some bath bombs but it’s certainly more colourful than Strawberry Sprinkles. It took a while to fizz away and after there were still a few undissolved parts that I had to crumble myself. For some reason it didn’t seem as moisturising as Strawberry Sprinkles.

Buy it for £3.00

i heart revolution banana glaze donut bath bomb

Banana Glaze bath fizzer

Banana is one of my favourite scents so I was excited to see what this one looked and smelt like in the bath. It was by far the strongest smelling of the collection and enveloped the bathroom in this lovely sweet smelling banana scent. Unfortunately it was a little short lived and soon faded away. After putting it in the bath there was a initial explosion of colour which then went a dull yellow. It did not change the water colour that much. It fizzed away fairly quickly but left small chunks of bath bomb which I had to crumble away. The foam residue left my skin feeling really soft and luxurious.

Buy it for £3.00

Wit their bright, colourful design the new I Heart Revolution bath fizzers will look amazing in anyone’s bathroom. The smell of the collection is nice but slightly artificial on occasion, for example Strawberry Sprinkles smelled a little more eau de chemical then fresh strawberries. The bath fizzers are also really nice to use and left my skin feeling soft and moisturised after use. If you’re looking for bath bombs that provide the works – colour, scent and skin caring properties the donut collection may not be for you. However the colour is the only real thing missing, everything else is on point. At £3.00 they won’t break the bank so if you want an alternative to Lush or Bomb Cosmetics you should definitely give them a try.



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