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Top tips on how to have a great pamper night

pamper evening essentials

Whether you’ve had a awful day at work, the kids are running you ragged or you need your stress levels to take a hike – sometimes there really is a need for a good pampering.

Even if you’re feeling fine there’s always an excuse for a bit of me time. So put your feet up, make a cup of tea and note how to have the best pampering night ever.

Turn on the tunes
pamper night ideasPampering nights should be a little chilled so a little Ed Sheeran or Justin Beiber is perfect. This isn’t mandatory though if you want loud sing along girl power songs go for it, it’s your night after all.

Set the tone
Candles really set the mood and they smell ah-mazing! Whether it’s tea lights, the latest Yankee Candle or Jo Malone, light as many as you can to get a warm, serene background to relax in.

Snuggle down
No pamper night is complete without a lovely warm snuggly dressing gown to burrow down into. Whip on your pjs and then settle down into your fluffiest terry robe.

Remove your makeup
As amazing as makeup is, you certainly shouldn’t leave it on when you don’t need it. Leftover makeup can clog pores resulting in spots or blackheads which you really don’t need. Makeup removers come in many forms, the best in my opinion being micellar water and makeup wipes. Feel the relief when that makeup comes off after a long day!

have a relaxing bath on your pamper nightA bubble bath for one
Probably the best moment in your pamper night has to be the moment you sink into a warm bubble bath. Set a few candles up alongside, slip on some tunes, lay back on your bath pillow with a good book and relax. If you don’t have a bath you can still chill out with a long shower, happy in the knowledge that you haven’t got to cut it short to run out of the door.

Exfoliate those dry areas
It’s important to regularly exfoliate your skin in order to get rid of dead skin. Use your pamper time to give both your face and body a real servicing; you’ll help to improve your circulation and reduce the amount of spots/blackheads you might get. It’s also great for sustaining a good tan in the summer.

Condition your hair
Conditioners are fabulous for calming your hair and adding extra shine and moisture. Using shampoo alone will leave your hair feeling knotty and tangled so I can’t stress how important it is to condition during your pamper night. Try Yes to Blueberries Smooth & Shine conditioner (£5 at Asos)

A close shave
I don’t know about you but everything seems to feel much lighter when I’ve shaved. After you’ve whipped your hair into a lather, get down to shaving your legs, armpits and bikini line (if that’s your bag). You’ll feel great and ever so smooth.

Give hair extra Tlc with hair oil
After shampooing and conditioning your hair make sure you use hair oil to give your hair more shine and moisture. I recommend Macadamia Natural Healing Oil (£12.95 at Beauty Expert)

cleanse your face on pamper nightKeep it clean
When it comes to cleansing I keep to a pretty religious schedule. Cleansing is great for removing any leftover makeup, oil or dirt leaving your skin feeling soft and clean. Use a flannel and warm water to get the best results.

Face masks
Face masks look a little funny but they do wonders for your skin. Invest in a clay mask for the best results as they help to suck up the badness in your skin preventing spots forming. Stick some cucumbers on your eyes and you’ll really look the part.

Get moisturising
With your skin cleansed and exfoliated, and made pretty with a face mask it’s time to seal the deal. Cleansing and exfoliating is great for ridding your skin of dirt, oil and dead skin but it may also remove some of your skin’s moisture. To avoid your skin getting too dry apply a good moisturiser after to get the goodness back into your skin. Moisturising your body is just as important to keep skin soft and supple. I recommend Eve Lom Moisture mask (£65 at John Lewis) for your face and Clarins Eau Ressourcante Silky Smooth body cream (£26.55 at John Lewis) for your body.

Netflix and chill (literally chill)
Netflix is one of my favourite past-times and I don’t know why I didn’t discover it earlier. I’ve lost many a hour watching box sets of Dexter, Gossip Girl, Bates Motel and others to name a few and don’t regret a minute of it. The world of media is perfect for getting lost in, what more could you want on a night (or day) that’s dedicated to you.

pamper night ideasNail painting
I love a leisurely hour painting my nails. I try to get creative sometimes with interesting nail art designs but it’s just as fun to liven up your nails with a bright colour you haven’t used for a while.

Pillow spray
Once your hair is shining, your face is soft and clear and your body smells great you’re probably thinking about settling down for the night. Try a pillow spray before you go to sleep to give you a good night’s sleep. They smell great and contain elements that will help you drift off.

Hand Cream is amazing, especially in Winter when the fluctuating temperatures make your skin go mega dry. Apply it onto dry skin to give it extra moisture and leave it feeling smooth again.

Finally, sleep
If you’ve completed all of the above you’re probably a little knackered. Pampering is fun but it can sure be hard work when the focus is all on you. Try and get a early night and jump into bed. Try and avoid too much TV and mobile phone before bed to increase your chances of getting to sleep quickly. Finally let yourself drift off content that you look and feel great!

I hope this post helps you rediscover yourself and how important it is to take care of number one (that’s you in case you were wondering)!