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How to survive Christmas shopping

how to survive christmas shopping

Christmas shopping can be like a minefield. Whether it’s dodging those cranky shoppers who started shopping at the crack of dawn or every shop being so busy you feel like a sardine this is one annual ritual you probably wish you could avoid. If you’re not one of those smug people who have all their Christmas shopping done by September this article on how to survive Christmas shopping is perfect for you.

1. Do all your shopping online
If there’s one way to avoid shops at Christmas it’s to shop online. You can sit comfortably at home on your sofa binge watching telly whilst clicking away. You might spend a bit more than you anticipated but hey what’s the price of comfort !

2. He’s making a list – he’s checking it twice…
If Santa made a list to cater for the millions of little girls and boys it’s obviously a foolproof way to keep track of the gifts you need to buy. Write a list of everyone you need to buy for, what sort of stuff they’d like and the maximum amount you want to spend. It will help you to keep focused.

3. Do your research
To avoid trawling around the shops clueless of what brand is best or what will give you the best value for money do your research online. You’ll be able to read reviews and see which one is best.

4. Make it yourself
What could make your loved one happier than knowing your gift to them was handmade with love. If you’re the crafty type you can easily make something lovely whether it’s cute earrings, handmade soap or a batch of yummy cookies. You can make your creation even more special by decorating it with pretty packaging. I get all my inspiration from Pinterest.

5. Dress appropriately
Whilst it may seem chilly, it’s guaranteed that every shop will be so warm you’ll be regretting you ever wore that wooly parka. To avoid overheating work out what shops you want to go in and decide whether you’ll be inside more than out. As long as it’s not -10 out you’ll probably survive without getting frostbite.

6. Stick to a deadline
You don’t want to be trawling through the shops for weeks on end. Set yourself a deadline so you’ll have time to do more than shopping this Christmas. Once you’ve finished you can treat yourself to a lovely glass of mulled wine.

7. Plan when you shop
With extended opening hours you can avoid the typical shopping crush you get at Christmas. You’ll have a great time whizzing around the shops without having to dig your elbow out of everyone within arm’s reach of you.

8. Use cash only
When you’ve only got a debit card or credit card it’s so easy to blow your budget as you can’t actually see what you’re spending. Take the money out that you want to spend and once it’s gone it’s gone.

9. Buy in bulk
If you see something that you know a lot of people will like and it’s at a great price, then buy it in bulk. The people you’re buying for won’t necessarily know you’ve bought several and it will save you time and money.

10. Buy a few extra gifts
If you’re anything like me you’re going to forget someone. To avoid the frustration of realising you need to buy more presents when you’re in the midst of wrapping why not buy a few extra gifts. This will save you having to rush out at the last minute when you’d rather be watching Elf.

Have a great Christmas!