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How to save money on food

Avoid spending money needlessly on food when you can make massive discounts simply by looking in the right places. Here’s my top tips on how to save money on food.

how to save money on food

Food is one of the biggest expenses of every household. Whether you live alone or with your family, discovering how to save money on food is always a must. Here’s some of my favourite tips which will help your money go further.

Go in the evening

Ever seen those yellow stickers flash up on certain items? Yellow stickers are great as they mean discounts and a chance to get your shopping at half the price. Shops often start to discount their products from around 5pm right through to 8pm depending on when the shop closes. Shops do this to avoid waste as they often can’t resell products after a certain period of time. You’ll find discounts mainly on items like meat, fruit and vegetables as they’re the quickest to go off.

Shop at discount stores

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times but shopping at discount stores is a great way of saving money. Shops like Aldi and Lidl sell very similar items to big brands like Asda and Sainsbury’s but at half the price. Don’t forget pound stores like Poundland are amazing value for certain items like chocolate, crisps, cans, noodles and lots more.

vouchers for food discounts

Use vouchers to save money on food

Vouchers have always been a great way of saving money on your weekly shop. You’ll often find vouchers in newspapers and magazines, especially when a new product is launched so keep your eye out. Loyalty schemes like Nectar and Tesco Club Card often provide vouchers to their members so you can save money on products you love or try something new. Don’t forget voucher apps like VoucherCodes which provides discounts on a whole host of brands (although most of these are high street stores.)

Don’t shop when you’re hungry

The worst thing you could probably when you want to know how to save money on food is to go shopping when you’re hungry. Your belly will do the talking and you’ll find you start pouring crisps, chocolate and cream eclairs into your trolley. Whilst they may taste fabulous you can’t really make a dinner out of them and will have to go shopping all over again. Try to go shopping in the morning or after you’ve eaten something so your brain is fully in control.

I hope these tips can help you discover the best ways on how to save money on food. If you think this post will help your friends and family don’t forget to share on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

food money savers