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How to make your lashes appear longer

Feel like you were the last in the line when god was handing out eyelashes? Well you can make your lashes appear longer with these top tips

How to make your lashes appear longer

Do you dream of long full lashes that would make Bambi jealous? Well girl I feel your pain. Often the first thing us short lashed gals do is reach for the mascara – but the results can often be minimal and sometimes disappointing. False eyelashes are also an option but they can often feel heavy and peel off by the end of the day. If you think mascara and false eyelashes are your only options think again. By taking a few extra steps you can make your lashes appear longer.

Wear a lash primer

Designed to be used before mascara, lash primers will help to lengthen and volumise your lashes. If you’ve always found applying mascara fiddly, lash primer will make the process easier, allowing for smoother application and longer lasting effects. If you don’t want to faff around with lots of products there are several mascaras nowadays that have a built in lash primer.

Try Smashbox Photo Finish lash primer (£17.50)

Curl your eyelashes

Invest in a good eyelash curler and gently curl your lashes before applying mascara. Curling your lashes will help your eyelashes look longer and your eyes appear bigger.

Condition your eyelashes

Conditioning is often a vital part of your beauty routine and can leave your hair silky and smooth. Can you imagine what your hair would be like without it? Pretty tangly I imagine. The same principle applies for your eyelashes, if you’re not caring for them they’re not really going to give you much back. Use a lash conditioner overnight to get longer and more volumised lashes. Not sure if it’ll work? Give it a go.

Try Jane Iredale Pure Lash extender and conditioner £7.00

Change your mascara colour

Whilst choosing a mascara with a different colour may not make your lashes overly longer, it can create a pretty striking look. If you’re used to wearing black or brown mascara just imagine how much your eyes will stand out with blue or green mascara. People will notice and wonder what you’ve changed.

Dye your lashes

If you have very fair lashes often they’ll be pretty unnoticeable, especially without mascara. Lash tinting lets you darken your lashes without having to constantly wear mascara. The lash technician will apply a semi permanent dye that normally lasts around a month so it’s not too high maintenance.

Photo credit: KarenBorterPhotography on / CC BY-ND

Lash extensions

If lash tinting isn’t your thing then how about lash extensions? Lash extensions lengthen your eyelashes and give you a really natural look that you’ll adore. The best eyelash extensions are individuals as they look the most natural. Depending on your budget you can choose what sort of material you want the lashes to be made from. The application process is quite lengthy but the results are totally worth it.

Make your lashes appear longer with lash growth serum

Whilst there are many ways to enhance your lashes with products, often it’s better to enhance your natural assets. Lash growth serums are fantastic for helping improve the condition of your lashes, helping them to grow thicker and longer.

Why not give Hairburst Lash and Brow serum (£32.99) a go.

Perm your eyelashes

Despite how it sounds, lash perming won’t give you curls like those from the 80s. Put simply a lash perm is a way to lift very straight lashes so your eyes appear wider and more open.

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How to make your lashes appear longer