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How to effectively conceal your blemishes

Spots, dark circles and redness are the worst, especially if you’ve got a big event coming up. Discover how to effectively conceal your blemishes in my latest article

How to effectively conceal your blemishes

Blemishes, like dark circles, spots and redness are often the bane of our lives. You can almost guarantee they pop up at the worst time, like when you have an important work meeting at work. The burning the candle at both ends look certainly won’t impress your managing director. Whilst they can get our confidence down there are things you can do to conceal your blemishes. Makeup is pretty amazing and with certain products you can effectively conceal your blemishes for a flawless, glowing finish. Discover some of my top tips.

Choose the right shade of concealer for dark circles

When you want to cover your dark circles it’s important that you choose the right shade. Don’t go for a concealer that’s too light or you’ll just accentuate the area. You’ll want a concealer that matches your skin tone, match it to the skin on your jawline not your hand as you’ll find they actually differ. The skin around the eye area is really delicate so you’ll want to pick a concealer that’s fairly light on your skin.

If you suffer from a lot of redness underneath your eyes or on your face, use a concealer that has pigments that can counteract this. Yellow based concealers are great for effectively hiding redness. Try to avoid colour corrector concealers that have mainly green pigment as this can result in the area looking dark or grey. Givenchy Beauty Womens Teint Couture eyewear concealer (£26.52) is a good one to try.

how to effectively conceal your blemishes

Need to cover up spots?

Nowadays you’ll be pleased to know there are concealers designed to conceal blemishes whilst helping to treat spots. They’re often formulated with spot busting ingredients like salicylic acid, camphor and tea tree oil. Redness and spots pretty much come part and parcel so take heed of the tip above when looking for the right shade of concealer. Try Clinique Anti Blemish clearing concealer (£15.95)

Covering dark spots

Dark spots can be pretty stubborn to conceal, as simply by their nature they have such dark pigmentation. To start off use a brightening product which will help brighten up your complexion. Next pick a heavy concealer in your skin tone so you have the best chance of covering the blemish. Urban Decay All Nighter waterproof concealer (£20.00) is perfect for full coverage. Gently buff it in to your skin with a beauty blender until the dark spot has gone.

Think you need to conceal fine lines?

When you don’t feel a day over 18, seeing fine lines pop up around your eyes and forehead can be pretty depressing. Whilst it may feel natural to reach for the concealer to cover them, unfortunately it may make the area look worse. Concealer can end up sitting in fine lines accentuating the area and making it pretty obvious to others that they’re there. Instead use a serum that will help to plump the area so you have a smooth base to apply your foundation.

Conceal your blemishes by building it up gradually

Less is more is a motto you definitely want to put to practice when applying concealer. If you apply your concealer too thickly you will find it hard to blend out and risk leaving the area looking too light. Start gradually with thin layers and build up slowly if you need more coverage. This way you can blend as you go. Use a really thin concealer blush so you can get into small areas you can’t reach with a larger brush. Alternatively use a makeup sponge or beauty blender to help give a airbrushed finish.

If you need to conceal spots or blemishes on larger parts of your face, apply the concealer in a x shape and then gently blend in with your finger tips. Blending with your fingertips works really well as the warmth of your fingers helps the concealer to melt into your skin. Just make sure your fingers are clean!

Don’t forget your powder!

Once you’ve applied your concealer don’t forget one of the most important ingredients – your powder. It’s all very good concealing your blemishes but if you don’t have anything to fix it in place, you’ll find it melts into your skin and you have to start all over again. Try Estee Lauder Perfecting loose powder for full coverage.

With these tips you’ll have no problem in being able to effectively conceal your blemishes. If you liked the post please share on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.