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How to boost your career in 30 minutes

how to boost your career in 30 minutes

A new year brings 365 days of new prospects and opportunities, and what better time is there to reevaluate your career.

Start the day with success
You always feel better knowing that you’ve achieved something. Why not start the day off doing something you know you’re good at as that feel good feeling will last all day.

how to boost your career - keep calm

Get into the calm zone
Whilst the morning commute may have you feeling far from calm, try and allocate a bit of time before work to reach that calm-zen feeling. You could read a book that calms you or even practice zen techniques like breathing deeply whilst counting to ten. Alternatively if you have the room why not try yoga or pilates.

Don’t hide behind email
The best way to converse with your team is face to face. Why not arrange a morning huddle every day to catch up on tasks, allocate out everyones work and break down any issues that may have arisen.

Broaden your horizons
Your mind can easily wander if you let it. To broaden your horizons and learn things you probably wouldn’t otherwise why not listen to books about positive thinking or how to increase your confidence. This will help you in the workplace and give you the confidence to tackle new things.

how to boost your career to do list

Tick of that to-do list
Nothing is more satisfying than ticking off tasks on your to-do list. Why not download an app that will list all of your tasks, it will show you what’s planned for the day and prepare you to take on the challenges ahead. It will also give you a friendly reminder before the task comes up. Why not try Todoist which you can use across your phone, tablet and laptop.