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The facebook content strategy that uses Lumen5 to create engagement

the benefits of lumen5 for creating engagement on your facebook page

Struggling to gain momentum on your Facebook page? This is the Facebook content strategy that you need to read if you want to get more engagement on your Facebook page

Fed up struggling to get engagement on your Facebook page? Facebook is considered one of the most difficult social networks to gain momentum on (outside of instagram of course) and it can often feel like you’re talking to a brick wall. I’ve recently discovered a new blogging tool that is perfect for helping people to engage with your blog and page. Lumen5 is a completely free unique tool that converts posts into videos. With 4 times as many consumers opting to watch a video about something over reading about it this is a great Facebook content strategy that is bound to get eyes on your page.

Lumen5 is really easy to use and you don’t need any technical knowledge or even know how to edit videos. To create your video you input the post url into the site and it creates a video that uses the text and photos from your original post. If you’re not keen on what it produces you can easily edit the video to your heart’s content amending what text is included and changing the pictures. There is a very large media library that has a source of completely free photos that you can use to illustrate your video. You can then apply free music to suit your piece. It does have premium videos and pictures available that you have to pay to use so try to avoid using them if you don’t want to pay. You can upload the videos straight to Facebook or download them so you can schedule videos at a later date or upload to other social media networks. It’s possible to upload on instagram and YouTube and Lumen5 provides easy instructions on how you can do that.

lumen5 text link

after lumen5

Before I started using Lumen5 I would share the text links to my blog posts. I would normally get a reach of around 40-60 views on each post. With Lumen5 I can get around 80-500 views depending on the content of the post. Videos are also more likely to be shared then posts as they’re quick to watch and quickly tell a story.

Head to Lumen5 to start creating.

The facebook content strategy that uses Lumen5 to create engagement