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5 holiday hacks that will make your trip one to remember

5 holiday hacks that will make your trip one to remember

If you’re off on your holidays you’re probably already imagining the bliss you’ll feel when you sip your first Strawberry Daiquiri.

Your bags are packed, your passports safely in your handbag and you’re ready to hop onto that plane.

So how do you make it the holiday of a lifetime? Here’s 5 holidays hacks which will make your getaway one to remember.

lift your chin to take a great selfie

Be selfie perfect
If you’re worried about your wrinkles and fine lines showing up in your selfies – simply lift your chin  up. Lifting your chin up can take years off your face.

Worried about showing your body in a swimsuit?
If you’re conscious about your body you may worry about baring all on a beach full of bikini clad women. To make it a little easier go for a block colour one piece swimsuit. The streamlined effect will help boost your confidence.

wash your toes in the sea to get rid of sand

Don’t like sand in your toes?
The feeling of sandy toes is annoying and can take forever to get off. The best way to get rid of it is by rinsing your toes in the sea. If you want to avoid it in the first place try dusting baby powder over dry feet so the sand will rub off more easily.

Try an alternative to water
If you’re not a fan of water why not try coconut water. You can have it fresh or from the carton and it’s a fabulous way of hydrating your skin.

rise with the sun to raise your serotonin levels

Rise with the sun
You may hate waking up at sunrise when you’re at home but on holiday it’s a whole different story. Not only will you grab the best sun lounger by rising with the larks but the sunrise will also help to boost your serotonin levels. Win win!