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Hair mousse is back and it’s here to stay

hair mousse is back and it's here to stay

It’s time for a blast from the past as hair mousse has had a modern revival and is here to leave hair looking bouncy and volumised.

If you’re having palpitations thinking about the sticky crunchy hair of yesteryear – worry no more as the new formulas are creamier and not as sticky.

Here’s 4 top tips to help you apply it so you look like you’ve just stepped off the runway.

1. Squirt a golf sized ball into your palms and loosely scrunch it into your hair.  Make sure you leave a bit of residue.

2. Styling is a lot easier if you cover all of your hair.

3. You’ll want to avoid the ends of your hair as they’re often a lot dryer so you won’t want volume in that area. Focus on your roots and mid lengths as that’s where your hair will really benefit from the extra volume boost.

4. A sure fire way to guarantee even application is to dip your comb in your mousse and gently run it through your hair.

Mousse is a great tool for any hairstyle you want to create whether it’s straight streamlined locks or luscious curls.

get extra volume with hair mousse

Excess volume

To get volumised hair stretch your roots and work in the mousse. Make sure you give your roots ample lift to maximise your volume.

get perfect curls with hair mousse

Luscious curls

Work mousse into your hair and then leave it to dry naturally. Scrunched curls are so 80’s darling.

get perfect straight hair with hair mousse

Streamlined locks

To avoid your straight hair going flat use mousse first to prepare your hair and give it more life. It will give a bit of extra volume whilst avoiding any kinks.

get hair hold with hair mousse

Keep your style

There’s nothing worse then a hairstyle you’ve worked  hours on dropping after 5 minutes of being outside. Use mousse to get extra hold and make your hair look fuller at the same time. Win win!