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Get the perfect contour with Rimmel Insta Duo Contour stick

get the perfect contour with rimmel insta duo contour stick

What the brand says
Rimmel’s’ new Insta Duo Contour stick is perfect for contouring and highlighting cheekbones, nose and your cupids bow. With a highlight and contour in one product you can travel light and there’s no need to rummage through lots of products in your makeup bag.

The Lowdown
Over the last few months i’ve not been overly adventurous with my face makeup – highlighter was about as daring as it got. So   Rimmel’s release of the Insta Duo Contour stick gave me the perfect opportunity to try a little sculpting.

rimmel insta duo contour stick light swatch

The stick has a creamy consistency with a highlighter on one end and a bronzer on the other. I’m generally quite fair so often contours are quite dark and can leave my face looking dirty or forced. I love how Rimmel have created their Due Contour stick with three shades, light, medium and dark as one shade certainly doesn’t fit all.

rimmel insta duo contour stick light

The light contour stick has a bronzer that is a light taupe rather then dark brown so it looks more natural on my skin. The product blends easily and I didn’t notice any harsh lines that would make it look obvious I was wearing contour. Before I applied the contour and highlighter I was just wearing blusher and my face looked quite flat. I was really impressed with how the Insta Duo Contour stick really helped to sculpt my face and made my cheekbones stand out a lot more. Normally creamy highlighters can be very light and don’t make a huge amount of impact. I’m loving the really natural sheen that I’m getting from the contour stick.

The Insta Duo Contour stick is a great little tool to have in your makeup bag. It comes in three shades so it’s more likely to suit your complexion, especially if you’re pale and I loved how it looked really natural. A big thumbs up.

I give it 5/5

Grab it for £6.99 on Amazon

before and after rimmel insta duo contour stick