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Get paid to upload receipts using apps like Receipt Hog

how to make money with your receipts using apps like Receipt Hog

Want to do more with your receipts then screw them up in your pocket? Now you can get paid to upload receipts using apps like Receipt Hog!

Whether it’s a mammoth shopping spree or the weekly shop, you’re often left with lots of receipts that end screwed up in your pocket. Do you wish you could do more with them? You’ll be delighted to know that there are a number of ways you can make money with your receipts that let you get hold of vouchers for high street shops and restaurants. Treat yourself and your family to a little something extra simply by doing your regular shop. Here’s a line up of the best reward programs which will allow you to get paid to upload receipts!

how to make money with your receipts receipt hog

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog rewards you for receipts from any shop big or small by giving you coins which you can exchange for vouchers. They look for receipts from shops that sell groceries, health and beauty products and more. They don’t accept service invoices, handwritten receipts, cinema tickets or receipts that are older then two weeks. They will also only accept one receipt from each shop during any given week. For example they will only give you coins for one Asda receipt if you submit more than one. Coins are earned as follows:

Receipt Hog is a bit of a slow burner when it comes to accumulating enough coins for a reward but you’ll earn quicker if you upload receipts regularly. Rewards available include Amazon vouchers and PayPal which you can redeem once you have 1500 coins (£5.00).

Receipt Hog is available on the Google Play Store and the App store.

Shop and Scan

Shop and Scan is a invitation only program that offers big rewards for submitting your receipts. The concept of the panel is slightly different to the apps and requires a little more effort. When you’re invited onto the panel you will be sent a clicker which will allow to scan the barcodes of every item you purchased on your trip. You will then need to submit an accompanying receipt. Shop and scan is generally more appropriate for your regular grocery shop. You can earn up to £10.00 worth of points each month and redeem them for vouchers from shops like Debenhams, Argos, Next, Topshop and more.

Click through to register you interest here

Have fun earning rewards from your receipts. Don’t forget to share so your friends can start getting rewards too!

how to make money with your receipts shoppix


Shoppix is similar to Receipt Hog but you can earn rewards a lot faster. It has the same premise as Receipt Hog – you upload receipts from any shop as long as it’s not train or bus tickets. Shoppix has a shelf system that is full of shopping bags. Each receipt will fill one bag and there are four bags on a shelf. Your first and second shelves will only take one bag (receipt) to complete. You’ll also get free scratch cards for answering short surveys and uploading your receipts. You can win more tokens which will get you towards your reward quicker. You can redeem your reward once you’ve hit 3200 tokens which is the equivalent of £5.00. Rewards available include Amazon vouchers, iTunes and Love to Shop vouchers. Whilst the token value is higher then Receipt Hog the rewards build up a lot quicker.

Want 200 free tokens? Simply enter my referral code 86QXC0KO when signing up. You will need to complete the profile survey and upload your first receipt to earn the points.

Shoppix is available on the App Store and Google Play.

get paid to upload receipts using apps like receipt hog