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Get energised this winter with Radox citrus shower gels: Mandarin and Lemongrass tried and tested

Feel more awake in the morning with Radox Revive shower gel

The Gloss

Radox has unleashed a new shower gel range – Radox Revive. The new collections features four fresh new citrus flavours which help to bring back memories of summer. The four citrus variants are themed around improving your mood and awakening your senses, when you’re feeling sleepy in the morning this is the perfect wake up call.

radox revive shower gels

The four scents in the Radox Revive range include:

Guaranteed to help you start your day with a spring in your step, these zesty shower gels will give you the perfect uplift you need to get through the cold winter months.

The Lowdown

The bright orange packaging of the Mandarin and Lemongrass shower gel will ensure you’ll spot it when you step bleary eyed into the shower in the morning. It has a uniquely shaped bottle that is designed so it’s easy to grip. The fresh Mandarin and Lemongrass scent is strong enough to awaken your senses but not so overpowering that it’s off-putting. The gel does lather although not so much that you look like you’re sprouting bubbles.

After showering there a slight scent that lingers for a few hours on my skin. I love how fresh this shower gel is and how the gorgeous smell invigorates the senses.

A great buy that will help you to feel bright and energised all day.

I give it 4/5

Grab yours for just £1.00



What do you think of the collection? Let me know what you think the comments box below.

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