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Five essential summer scents for the perfect summer vibes

Wish it could feel like summer all year round? Well with these delightful summer scents it almost can

Five essential summer scents for the perfect summer vibes

Summer to me is all about sunshine, sandy beaches, cocktails, the smells of coconut and fresh grass. Us Brit’s know that Summers in the UK don’t tend to last all that long, so when it comes to my favourite summer scents I want something that screams good times. So even when the sky has clouded over and the sun’s gone in, my scent can still remind me it is actually summer. Here’s some of my fave summer scents.

Delicious Destinations #Flamingo – essential summer scents

This body mist from Superdrug has the perfect name for a summer scent. It is surprisingly long lasting and is a rich uplifting scent that contains sweet coconut entwined within bold tropical floral notes.

Buy it for £3.99

Ad gifted Missguided

Missguided Boy Tears

One of the new releases from Missguided, Boy Tears starts really bold and soon settles into a fresh floral mix. It contains notes of bergamot, raspberry, peony, amber and patchouli.

Buy it for £10.00

Britney Spears Fantasy

An oldie but a goldie, I’ve loved this budget scent for years. It is a really strong fruity perfume that takes me from the office to the beach. Despite its low price tag it lasts for ages too.

Buy it for £20.00

Ad Gifted Missguided

Missguided Unicorn Dreams

Unicorn Dreams literally is the epitome of summer. It contains a gorgeous mix of vanilla and coconut. Other notes include dry amber, sandalwood, lily of the valley and rose. You could even close your eyes and imagine you’re lying on a gold sandy beach, pina colada in hand.

Buy it for £10.00

must have summer scents

Next Paradise Island

What better name for a summer scent could there be than Paradise Island. The invigorating tropical scent contains top notes or mango, guava, with a centre of coconut and base notes of musk. A light but delightful perfume for those heady summer days. Next no longer seem to sell Paradise Island but they do have a very similar version called Paradise.

Buy Paradise for £14.00

What do you love most in your summer scent? Do you love the smell of coconut or do you prefer your perfumes to be more fruity? Let me know in the comments below. As always don’t forget to share on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

five must have summer scents