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Get a blinding white smile with SmileLab

 get a blinding white smile with smilelab

What the brand says
If your smile is more coffee cream then sparkling white you may be determined to find a tooth whitening treatment that will help you recapture your pearly whites. SmileLab has designed a 14-day whitening program that helps to remove old and new discoloration whilst reducing plaque and bacteria.

The Lowdown
Inside the pack are 14 strips – one for each day of the week. Inside is a long strip for the top teeth and a smaller strip for the bottom. The strips don’t cover every tooth and only the teeth you can see will be treated. The kit reminds me a lot of Doll White whitening strips which I tried in 2015.  Each strip should be worn for 30 minutes and then taken off to get on with your day.

 get a blinding white smile with smilelab whitening strips

I brushed my teeth first and then popped on the first whitening strip. The strips adhere easily to the teeth but they are slightly too big so I had to fold it over slightly. Over the half hour the strips do start to feel a bit sweaty and I found that a lot of saliva did build up in my mouth as the strips make it hard to swallow normally.

After I took the strips off I found a fair amount of gel remained on my teeth so I did have to rinse my mouth out. I wouldn’t say there is  really much of a taste and I wasn’t left with a nasty aftertaste after use. After the first strip my teeth did definitely look a lot whiter. I will be trying the stirps over the next 14 days and I will be revealing the results once the two weeks are up. Keep checking in for the results!

before and after smilelab whitening strips

SmileLab is £38 from Boots.

get a gleaming white smile with smilelab