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Goody Good Stuff help those with a food intolerance satisfy their sweet tooth

Is your diet gluten free? Or perhaps you’re a vegetarian? Goody Good Stuff have a range of sweets perfect for those with any food intolerance 

If you’re a vegetarian or have a gluten free diet, finding sweets to suit you can be virtually impossible. Goody Good Stuff saw the gap in the market and went on a mission to find the solution. The result was a fantastic range of sweets that cater for those with food intolerances. The 8 varieties vary from the traditional cola bottles to the more unusual Tropical Fruit and contain natural ingredients that make them good for you whatever food intolerance you suffer from.

The brand has worked hard to make their sweets:

Cola Breeze tasted very similar to normal cola bottles and would probably be my favourite out of the selection. They were quite soft and chewy and the taste was very familiar to a traditional sweet.

Koala gummy bears were a selection of fruity gummy bears that were very soft and jelly like.  I could certainly taste the fruitiness but wasn’t too sure on the feel of the sweets consistency.

Strawberry and Cream are a selection of tiny strawberry and cream sweets. The strawberry drops lacked flavour and had a bit of a funny aftertaste. I did think the cream tasted a lot better and were a lot more enjoyable.

Summer Peaches had quite a intense, strong peach flavour that tasted really natural. The sweets were so soft they virtually melted on my fingers, great for little kids or babies.

Cheery Cherries were probably one of my least favourite out of the selection. They tasted quite artificial and had a dry taste that made chewing them quite unpleasant.

Sour Fruit Salad were certainly more lemon like then sour. With a pleasant fizzy lemon taste these sweets were less tongue twisting and more like a refreshing drink on a hot day.

As well as offering large bags of sweets Goody Good Stuff offers a small range of 25g bags that would be suitable for those who only want a few or want them all to themselves.

Sour Cheery Cherries were very sour but didn’t taste as artificial as the original Cheery Cherries. I did feel you could taste the cherry more after the sourness had gone.

sweets for those with a food intolerance

Sour Koala Gummy Bears were so sour I had to take a bit of time eating them. They were quite pleasant and still had the fruity taste once the sourness had gone.

I really feel it’s fantastic to find a confectionery product that caters for the minorities on the market. Whilst many of the sweets were pleasant, I did feel that the texture is something you’d have to get used to as it’s very different to a traditional gelatine sweet. I wouldn’t be able to eat many in one go but then perhaps that’s why they’re so good for those on a diet!

Goody Good Stuff shows originality, real invention and the ability to offer something for those who struggle to find products to suit what they can eat.

I give it 3.5/5

You can find them at Nature’s Health Box