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Does Dove Go Fresh Pear and Aloe Vera pass the freshness test?

Does Dove Go Fresh Pear and Aloe Vera pass the freshness test?

What the brand says

Dove champions itself on producing products for real women that help them embrace their beauty- and that includes their underarms. Often a deodorant may smell nice but can leave underarms red or sore. The new Go Fresh antiperspirants contain 1/4 moisturising cream to add a touch of TLC to your underarms to keep them looking and feeling fresh.

The new deodorant from Dove has a scent that is a little more complex than normal and contains top, middle and base notes. At the top of the fragrance is a fresh crisp pear scent that is integral to the fragrance; this is contrasted with zesty bergamot. In the middle of the scent there are hints of aloe and a combination of beautiful floral scents including lily of the valley, jasmine petals and white rose. Finally the fragrance mixes into a base of peach, coconut, vanilla and soft musks.

The Lowdown

The new Go Fresh Pearl and Aloe Vera deodorant from Dove has been formulated with 1/4 moisturising cream for extra soft and great smelling underarms.

In my deodorant I want a product that will not only smell nice, but keep me dry too. I’ve tried quite a few Dove antiperspirants in the past and whilst they’ve smelt great initially, I’ve often found they start to lose their staying power after only a few hours – the last thing I need!

The new Go Fresh antiperspirant comes in two formats – a spray and a roll on. The deodorants claim to last a total of 48 hours, a bold claim for any deodorant!

Whilst I’m not going to go 48 hours without freshening up my deodorant (so unhygienic) I’m definitely going to put both deodorants to the freshness test.

As with all Dove deodorants, Dove Go Fresh Pear and Aloe Vera has a beautiful but delicate  fruity scent. The spray is a lot stronger then the roll on but I guess that’s to be expected.

Both the spray and roll on felt comfortable to wear and I didn’t notice any irritation.

By the time I went to bed the spray, although it had faded was still going strong. The roll on however had pretty much completely disappeared, although  I couldn’t really detect any unpleasant odour.

Considering the results I got from other Dove deodorants I was pretty impressed with the new scent. It smells great and going on the spray alone lasted a good 14 hours without fading away. If you prefer roll ons you probably will have to reapply this throughout the day to stay fresh.

I give it 4/5



Get the spray for £1.53 (normally £3.09) from Superdrug

Get the roll on for £1.31 (normally £2.65) from Superdrug


*this was a press sample