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Find out if Sleek Lifeproof foundation can keep you oil and sweat free all day

Find out if Sleek Lifeproof foundation can keep you oil and sweat free all day

Sleek new Lifeproof foundation claims to go the distance, using soft focus powders to create a blurring effect and reduce the appearance of fine lines. It has a oil free formula that conceals imperfections whilst minimising the appearance of shine. If you sweat a lot or have a oily complexion Sleek are determined this foundation will be a great low budget addition to your makeup.

I have combination skin which is mostly normal but around the t-zone it always seems to be quite oily. Often foundation I use look quite oily on this area so Sleek Lifeproof oil free foundation seemed like a good way to combat this. It’s available in 24 shades which is quite unusual for high street brands and it’s great to see they’re catering for pretty much all skin tones.

Find out if Sleek Lifeproof foundation can keep you oil and sweat free all day 01

The shade I used was LP01, a very light base as my skin is quite fair. The foundation worked quite well at covering the redness on my face and concealing some of my dark circles. The finish was mostly even and had a porcelain like appearance. As you can see in the photo my face still appears shiny in the same old areas such as my t-zone which is something the foundation is supposed to help with. It seems to clump slightly on my nose and leaves the end looking really dry. It has a matte finish which I set with gosh powder.

sleek lifeproof foundation swatch

Over the course of the day the foundation did start to fade and it lasted around 6 hours before it started to rub off. It completely disappeared from under my eyes leaving them looking quite dark and caked in my pores leaving my face looking dry. The skin on the side and top of my nose also looked really dry and the foundation does seem to accentuate this even if your skin doesn’t appear that dry. I’ve tried a lot of foundations and can honestly say I’ve never used one that caked in my pores before. The oiliness around my t-zone also made a reappearance.

Unfortunately I’m not really a fan of this foundation. Whilst it does cover most of the redness on my face and dark circles it didn’t cover the shine I was trying to hide. If you want a budget foundation that covers your blemishes whilst giving a flawless finish I would recommend Maybelline Superstay 24 hour foundation.

I give it 2/5

Buy it for £8.99

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