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Asda Christmas Rocky Road House kit review

We’ve all heard of gingerbread houses during the festive season – but there’s nothing more unique then a Christmas Rocky Road house.

Gingerbread houses are about as popular at christmas mince pies and christmas tree. Those cute house shaped biscuits really get you into the festive spirit and make you think of roaring fires and snow. Whilst it’s unlikely we’ll get snow anytime this Christmas I really wanted to create my own little gingerbread house. I heard Morrisons had a gingerbread kit and hoped Asda would have something similar. I browsed the baking aisle and found a glorious looking Christmas Rocky Road house kit. It wasn’t a gingerbread house but it was a bargain at £3 and looked suitably Christmassy.

The instructions on the back were fairly simple and accompanied by a diagram so it was quite easy to follow. The set advises you to split up your ingredients into a number of piles in order to have enough to complete the house. The chocolate is melted down and the biscuits and marshmallows added for that familiar rocky road taste. Another cute addition were little wafer cones that I dipped in chocolate for Christmas trees. After pouring the mixture into the moulds I popped it into the fridge to set and waited. Once they had set I excitedly took them out of the fridge and was disappointed when one of my roof pieces broke in half. There was only enough mixture to do one set of each pieces so I quite frustratingly had to find the ingredients in my kitchen cupboards to try and create more mixture to create a new piece.

When I took the second mould out of the fridge another of the roof pieces broke in half and I had a horrible sense of deja-vu. On inspection I found the chocolate was very thin around the break area. So third time lucky I made yet more mixture and finally had enough pieces to complete my house.

I found that the amount of chocolate included isn’t really sufficient for the number of house pieces you have to create and that this results in the chocolate being overly thin and cracking easily.

I used the icing to set the house and realised that I had put the marshmallows on the wrong part of the roof. When I tried to put the door on a marshmallow got in the way and unfortunately one of my side panels split in half.

It was quite a frustrating process however it stayed upright long enough for me to move the house on to its base and decorate with snow and red chocolate beans.

Once it was finished it looks lovely but the creation process was a rather frustrating one. If I had the option next time I think I will make a gingerbread house. Much less hassle.

asda christmas rocky road house kit review

The kit may be available in all good Asda stores around Christmas time