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Celebrate National Selfie Day with the Cotton Bag Company

national selfie day cotton bag company

Who would have thought ten years ago that selfies would be such a part of our culture that we’ve established a day dedicated to taking them!? Get practicing your best smile or duck face for Selfie Day which is being held on Wednesday 21st June 2017.

The Cotton Bag Company want to help you celebrate this with the release of their new selfie bag. The bags which come in two designs – colour print on plain canvas and gold print on black canvas – has been custom designed so you’ve got all you need to create the perfect picture.

cotton bag company selfie reflector

The canvas bag is a little larger than a traditional shopping bag and looks like a great addition for the beach. It has a unique large pocket inside that is big enough to hold your smartphone and a selfie stick (folded up of course). There is also a fold out reflector sheet which helps to give your selfies a professional glow.

cotton bag company selfie bag selfie pocket

I like how roomy the bag is and the extra large pocket for my phone and selfie stick. The only real concern I have with the bag is that it’s not very secure. There are no zips to keep your stuff inside, and the large camera pocket is completely loose so if you bag slipped or tipped up you’d lose everything. A good idea but I’m not sure I would trust it in it’s current format. Perhaps for next years selfie day Cotton Bag Company will release a selfie bag which gives a little more peace of mind.


Grab it for £9.99 here