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Calvin Klein Brush Set

 If you often find yourself struggling to find a brush set that will have a function for every application then you really don’t need to look any further. The Calvin Klein brush set is designed exactly to replenish a woman’s tired and worn old brushes.Although you do have to buy seperately you can buy brushes such as a large powder brush, angled cheek brush, concealer brush, eyeliner brush, eyebrow brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow brush and small powder brush.

Now anyone who applies makeup knows the art of application often comes in the brush you apply it with. If the brush is falling apart and the bristles end up all over your face, you’re never going to quite get the look you desire for.

The Calvin Klein brushes are sturdy, very soft and use fibre bristles to ensure you’ll get a controlled, light and even coverage. What makes these little gems even better is that they come in their own plastic case to protect the bristles after use.

Each brush applies the makeup really well and left me with the kind of result a make up artist could achieve with top quality brushes. The only snag you might come across is as there are so many of them if you were going away you wouldn’t want to take up all available room with these brushes as a lot of storage is required.
Natural look – before make up is applied

                                          Below: foundation applied using Calvin Klein foundation brush

                                           Below: powder applied using small and large Calvin Klein brushes

                                          Below: blusher applied using angled Calvin Klein blusher brush

                                          Below: Concealer applied using Calvin Klein concealer brush



Calvin Klein makeup brushes can be bought starting from £3.99 at Direct Cosmetics