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The essential guide to cleaning your makeup brushes

Wonder why you’re always breaking out in spots and blemishes? It could be down to the makeup brushes you use. Here’s the 101 on cleaning your makeup brushes

the essential guide to cleaning your makeup brushes

When it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes are you a once a week – or once in a blue moon (I.e. never!) kind of girl? If your brushes are more makeup then brush you know the answer. Whilst it seems like yet another chore, cleaning your makeup brushes is essential if you want to avoid skin woes like spots, rashes and skin irritation. Unwashed brushes are often full of skin oils, dead skin cells and makeup pigments which are a bacterias playground. At worst they can even contain nasties like streptococcus, staphylococcus, e-coli and fungi. Whilst they are generally not harmful if your skin is healthy, just the thought of that living on your brushes is pretty horrendous.

Benefits of cleaning your brushes?

Not only can you avoid skin blemishes and the thought of applying bugs to your skin, cleaning your makeup brushes has lots of benefits too. If your brushes bristles are clean and firm you’ll find it much easier to blend your makeup. Your skin will also appear more radiant as your products apply like they’re supposed to.

Convinced you need to make a change? Here’s the next steps to clean your brushes the easy way.

how to clean your makeup brushes

Top tips on how to clean your makeup brushes

makeup brush cleaning tips