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Buying a bra: The golden rules

Buying a bra the golden rules


Because your boobs need to be treated right


Guest post by Aran Sweaters Direct


probably heard the figures. It’s thought that around 80% of women are
wearing the wrong size bra. Why is that important? Well not only can
clothes look ill-fitting or uneven, you could develop back problems
from a lack of adequate support. It could also lead to a slouch or
poor posture. On top of that, a bra that’s too tight can cause
chafing and, if the skin is broken, even scarring.


are some of the signs that you might be wearing the wrong size bra?


The dreaded double boob. That’s right, when your cupeth run over and
instead part of your boob escapes to form a second boob over the top
of your bra. Usually this is noticeable in form-fitting clothing.

The band of the bra should sit straight across your back and not ride
up. If you find it creeping up your back it means it doesn’t fit like
it should.

Bra straps slip down your shoulders and make a break towards your
elbows. Or, they’re so tight that you can be left with red marks
under them at the end of the day. Either way it’s not the perfect

There should be no gaps between your boobs and the cup of the bra. If
there are you’re probably wearing the wrong size. In the same way
underwire in a bra should sit flat again the skin and not jut out at
an angle.


golden rules


the experts

can measure yourself at home to see what size you are but it can be
tricky. Take advantage of the offer most lingerie stores have to
measure you for free. Some salespeople can do this by eye alone (and
then a bit of trial and error with getting you to try bras on) or the
more traditional way is with a measuring tape which they will place
just under your breasts and then across the cups.


every bra on

might seem like a massive pain but you won’t know how a bra fits
until you’ve put it on. Don’t worry, shop assistants have seen it all
and most are super-friendly and there to help you find your perfect
over shoulder boulder holder. If you’re feeling nervous about trying
on bras then make sure to go to a specialist shop or the lingerie
changing rooms in a department store.


it a test drive

be afraid to try a bit of movement in a bra you’re thinking of
buying. Try jumping, lifting your arms, walking in it across the
changing room or sitting down for a bit. Sometimes problems (such as
things like jabbing underwire) only become apparent with movement so
it’s really important to try it out.



a type that works for you

demi, full, padded, push up… There’s a huge variety of cups out
there, each one designed to contain or show off your assets depending
on your needs. You might love the support of a full cup, or a bit of
extra support and oomph that a padded bra provides. Try on a few
styles to see what works best for you. But don’t be afraid to mix it
up either, especially as your boobs get bigger or smaller.


it on correctly

is a correct way to put on a bra, believe it or not. You’re supposed
to lower your breasts into the cups then close the back and adjust so
that each boob is snugly contained and not trapped by the wire below
or spilling out over the top. Then, adjust the straps so they are
firm but comfortable.



you may well have been a 32B when you were 16 but skip forward a few
years and you may have lost or gained weight, meaning that you’re no
longer the size you always buy. Pregnancy can also cause a change in
size or even gravity, which can cause that dreaded sagging that might
affect your cup size. Regularly check that you’re still the same size
by getting measured at least every year, but definitely if you’ve put
on or lost weight.



standard lacy number just won’t cut it if you intend to work out.
Make sure you invest in a good quality sports bra that will help
contain the twins and stop them from moving around too much as you
jog, walk or play sports. Again, expert advice is really important
here and most good sports stores will have staff on hand to tell you
which kind of bra will work best for your particular sport.



good to your bra and it will be good back to your boobs. Hand wash
where possible and don’t tumble dry as this can damage the elastic in
the bra.