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Bourjois lip gloss and teeth whitening gel review

Who wouldn’t want a lip gloss that promised to brighten your teeth?

Bourjois lip gloss and teeth brightening gel is a duo product that acts in conjunction to make your smile brighter.

 The product comes with a fairly simple set of instructions on the back to guide you on how to apply.

I took the gel first and applied it directly to my teeth. It has a pleasant mint taste which is nice but I couldn’t see any immediate effects. Next I applied the lip gloss which is a mid raspberry shade.I think the gel acts more as a shining agent then a whitening product which works with the shine of the gloss to make your smile whiter.

The lip gloss itself doesn’t really last very long and had disappeared within a few hours.

In my opinion the product is okay but don’t expect any miracles.

I give it 1.5/5

Before the tooth gel and gloss is applied
After the tooth gel and gloss is applied