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How to manage your time as a blogger

how to manage your time as a blogger

Whether you’re a full or part time blogger often you have to juggle a number of commitments whilst maintaining your blog. Finding the right balance can be tricky but it’s important to ensure a healthy work/life ratio. Here’s my top blogger time management tips.

Schedule your day

One of the most important ways to manage your time is to create a schedule. When you have a normal 9-5 your day is structured, you know when to show up, when you should have your lunch, take breaks and ultimately go home. Whether you’re a full or part time blogger it’s important to schedule how you’re going to manage your blog over the week. If you do work as well as blog you won’t have much time to focus as full time bloggers so a focus on creating content should be priority in your schedule. Here’s how you can break it down.

Full time bloggers

Set a 9-5 schedule so you focus primarily on creating posts, researching ideas and promoting your content during peak hours
Schedule regular breaks -you wouldn’t work all day without downtime in a ‘normal’ job so make sure you take time away from your blog if you work for yourself.

Part time bloggers

I’m a part time blogger and as I spend most of my week at my 9-5 I have to come up with creative ways to schedule my content.

Prioritise your tasks

Every week you should prioritise the blog tasks you have to complete. Do you have several sponsored posts that have a certain deadline? Tasks with a deadline should be prioritised over things like promotion on social media. By prioritising you won’t get to the middle of the week and end up stressing as you realise you’ve missed something important and only have hours to complete it

how to manage your time as a blogger note down your ideas

Note your ideas when inspiration strikes

Don’t waste time staring at a blank page as you try to think of what to write. Whenever you think of a great idea write it down on a notepad or your phones notes section.

Avoid getting distracted

When you’re struggling to write anything then it’s extremely easy to get distracted. Avoid wasting time with things like Facebook and cat videos on YouTube by using tools that will stop your usual distractions from working. Kill News Feed will stop your newsfeed from loading and YouTube Stop Button will prevent YouTube from buffering.

Create a outline of your content

In addition to scheduling your day, you will save time by outlining what you need to include in your content. For example for this post I was focusing on the following:

By starting your task with a rough outline in place you can easily expand on each area without wasting time trying to think of what to write next.

Schedule breaks into your day

Breaks are important and helps with your productivity. Depending on whether your blog all day or for a few hours the amount of time you spend on your break will vary, but you should still take some time out if you’ve spent a lot of time on it.

Organise your life

A organised life means your mind will be clear to fully focus on your blog. Make sure your house is tidy and your inbox is clear to avoid clutter annoying and distracting you.

how to manage your time as a blogger