How to find time to blog when you work full time

How to find time to blog when you work full time

When you work full time, finding time to blog can be difficult, especially if you work shifts. With limited time you want a solution that works that doesn’t leave you burning the candle at both ends. I work full time and use these techniques to fit my blog around my job.

Scheduling is your friend
Without scheduling I don’t think I’d have more than 1 blog post up and running each week! The scheduling feature on Blogger is perfect for allowing you to schedule a post weeks ahead at a time. This allows you to write posts when you have a bit of spare time and schedule it for when you want it to show up. The scheduling feature also works for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. I currently use Buffer to schedule tweets weeks ahead. With the free option you can schedule 10 tweets but with the paid plan you can schedule 100 at a time (£72 a year). You can also splurge and go for the business plan if you feel it’s really necessary. There are other scheduling tools out there like Hootsuite for example.

Every moments a opportunity
Inspiration is all around you and you can get so many ideas for blogging just being out and about. Keep a note pad with you or use the note pad feature on your phone to note down ideas that come to you when you’re on train commuting to work or even when you’re at the pub with a friend. You can also use that spare time like on your break or lunch to take pictures or write a few key pointers for your blog if they jump into your mind.

Be realistic
Your main job is going to take up most of your time, especially as you work full time. If you also have a family to look after that means running around after your kids, making dinner and bathtimes which leaves spare time even shorter. If you only have time to write 2 posts a week then write 2 posts. There’s no point stressing yourself out and making blogging a chore by trying to fit blogging in when you’d rather be chilling out.

Don’t compare yourself to others
If you often find yourself looking at the blogs of those whose blog is their job you may end up getting frustrated. Someone who works on their blog all day has the time to dedicate to it that you don’t. You may get there slower than them but the time you spend on your blog is just as valuable.

When you work full time finding time to blog will always be a challenge, but it’s fun and it can be so rewarding. Happy blogging!