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Get a perfect white smile with Smilelab Advanced Teeth whitening brush

smilelab advanced teeth whitening brush review

Like most girls I often feel like I’m on a never ending quest to find a whitening product that really works. I’ve tried charcoal toothpaste, whitening strips and gels all in my quest for those pearly whites. Often I’ll find the product works initially but the effects quickly fade. Recently I was approached to try the new SmileLab Teeth Whitening brush. Very similar to the Colgate whitening pen, you simply pop on the gel and go.

Unlike a lot of the other whitening products I’ve tried you don’t need to use the pen continually for whiter teeth. The product claims to have a whitening effect in just 60 seconds – a bold claim for any whitening product. So does it work?

smilelab advanced teeth whitening brush pen review

The pen is really easy to use, I simply wound the bottom of the pen till clear gel emerged at the top. I placed the gel onto my teeth that are visible and waited 60 seconds for it to dry. The gel does have a minty taste but I also noticed quite a distinctive chemical aftertaste that did seep through when I closed my mouth. Whilst SmileLab says you’ll benefit from a whiter smile after one application, it does recommend that you apply 2 or three times a day. I don’t need a toothbrush to clean my teeth before applying, there’s no messy residue and it doesn’t irritate my teeth.

So did I get a whiter smile?

I decided to apply the gel three times in one day to get the maximum effect out of SmileLab Advanced Teeth Whitening brush. After applying I felt my teeth were brightened slightly and there did appear to be a slight whitening effect.

The good thing about SmileLab advanced teeth whitening pen is that there’s no mess and it’s really easy to use. It does have a bit of a funky aftertaste but it’s not majorly notice able. The pen did have a slight whitening and brightening effect so you can get a bit of a whiter smile if you’ve got a big day ahead.

I give it 4/5

You can get the pen for £25.00 here

smilelab advanced teeth whitening pen before and after



get a whiter smile in a flash with smilelab advanced teeth whitening brush